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Hello & Welcome,

My name is Justyna and I am a full-time astrologer based in the UK. I grew up in both Spain and Poland, and in my early twenties, I moved to England. I arrived in London in 2006 to pursue my education in Film Studies. During my time in high school, I remember spending hours writing scripts and recording short movies with my friends. I was very passionate about that, however long story short… it seemed that the Universe had a different plan for me.

I always had a passion for all things metaphysical, but I had never really considered doing it professionally. After spending most of my twenties searching for the right career path for myself, I had always felt a stronger and more profound calling towards a deeper meaning of life. I enjoyed solving problems, finding jobs for my friends, dealing with deeper issues, rather than with the practicalities.

Then my Saturn return arrived at which point I went through a lot of life changes in a short period of time. Unsure what direction to choose in my life, I began to study myself, to discover my real purpose in this lifetime. This is when I discovered astrology and became obsessed with it and wanted to learn more and more… I studied continuously and excitedly for years (and I still am) and had given countless readings to my family and friends before I was ready to make it my career.

When Astrology made an appearance in my life, it completely changed my perspective of reality. I discovered a more profound understanding of myself and found my true life purpose. Astrology has guided me to a more fulfilling lifestyle and helped me make better and wiser life choices. This, in turn, allowed me to live and work smarter and exceed my career objectives. Today I use this ancient tool to help others to find a greater sense of clarity and confidence in their life.

I gained my Astrology Diploma from The Mayo School of Astrology and additionally studied, Horary Astrology at STA along with Transformational Astrology with Mark Jones at the Pluto School.

Through personal readings, I provide insights that help uncover hidden strengths, clarify life goals, and illuminate the path forward. Each session is designed to be a transformative experience, offering you the guidance needed to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence.

In addition to personal readings, I produce educational content aimed at empowering you with knowledge and tools to enhance your personal development. This content covers a range of topics, from understanding astrological influences to practical strategies for achieving life goals, all designed to help you cultivate a deeper sense of self and a more profound connection to the universe.

Let the stars be your guide as you embark on this journey of self-discovery. Through the wisdom of the cosmos, I aim to provide you with a greater sense of clarity and confidence, enabling you to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Join me in exploring the vast potential that lies within you and let us work together to unlock the secrets of your true path.

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 I hope you enjoy your visit!


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