Growing up in both Spain and Poland, Justyna moved to England in her early twenties.

She arrived in London to pursue her education in Film Studies. However, it seemed that the Universe had a different plan for her.

Justyna always had a passion for all things metaphysical, but she had never really considered doing it professionally.

After spending most of her twenties searching for the right career path for herself, Justyna had always felt a stronger and more profound calling towards a deeper meaning of life.

Unsure what direction to choose in her life, she began to study herself, to discover her real purpose in this lifetime. This is when she discovered astrology and became obsessed with it and wanted to learn more. She studied continuously for years and had given countless readings to her family and friends before she was ready to make it her career.

Today she uses this ancient tool to help others to find a greater sense of clarity & confidence in their life.

Her life path in numerology is number 7, meaning that she seeks truth and wisdom in all that she does, and searches for the underlying answers in everything. With a stellium in the 8th house and Scorpio on her Ascendant with the chart ruler in the 12th house, she was born to dive down deep to uncover the mysteries of life using the ancient symbolic wisdom behind the time, date and place of birth in order to help people achieve their most magnificent and greatest potential.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact her at justynarossy@gmail.com .