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Astrology Career Coaching

Have you been wondering if you’re doing the right thing or whether you’re living up to your greatest & fullest potential?

You can unveil your true potential thanks to Astrology and your Birt Chart. The work you do for a living does not have to be what you do to pay your bills. The world is progressing quickly, and working purely to pay your bills can be unfulfilling and frustrating. Jobs that do not align with our soul’s purpose can be dull. However, we can find the most enjoyment in our careers if we realise what our life mission is and what we are supposed to be doing on this plane of existence!

Let Astrology Guide you, and help you understand your true purpose and calling so that you can finally do what will bring great fulfilment and life satisfaction while opening doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

What You Will Get

  • A total of 4 x 1-hour recorded Zoom sessions (once a week for a total of four weeks)
  • Access to Online Spiritual Business Course
  • An in-depth Career Astrology Reading + Best days/dates/periods for Career Growth & Success in the next 2 years.
  • Business guidance based on your unique astrology chart.

BONUS-> One Follow up Session 1 month afer the completion of the course.

My aim is to teach you everything I know about setting up a business that is soulfully aligned (I’ve been self-employed for over five years as an Online Astrologer)

The introductory price is £250 – (please contact me if you wish to pay by instalments).