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Aquarius February 2022 Horoscope

    1st – New Moon in Aquarius 1st house

    New Moon activates your First house of self, health and your direction in life. The first house in astrology points to new beginnings, it’s your life path and how you take action. It’s your personal New Moon for the year. 

     It’s a wonderful time for self-reflection, seeing how far you’ve come and considering your goals and where you want to go next. The New Moon is going to call you to slow down and give yourself what you need. It’s time to pamper, prepare and consider your best next moves.

    The New Moon activating your first house is essentially potent energy that sets you up for the next year. It’s something that initiates that’ll continue to blossom as the year unfolds. It’ll highlight or manifest something in connection to what begins now when you reach the Full Moon in your sign, in about 5-6 months’ time.  

    Essentially the New Moon is turning the page on a new chapter of your life. How can you work to manifest the life you always dreamed of?

    • 4th Sun-Saturn conjunction 
    • Marriage or making a commitment
    • Ending a failed relationship
    • Establishing a business partnership
    • Meeting the expectations of others
    • Recognition for your skills and talents

    8th – Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus 12th/7th

    Mars trine Uranus transit allows you to let your hair down and take a few risks. You will feel a strong urge to break free of any previous restrictions or boring routines. You will be presented with many unique opportunities to experience new activities, feelings, and relationships.

    Your instincts will be strong and accurate, so taking extra risks at this time should pay off. Your need for freedom or a new type of self-expression will not result in major relax upheaval at it sometimes can. Other people are more likely to go along with the new you or be attracted to your new ideas or projects.

    This is a good time to get new projects off the ground with a burst of daring energy. Although your fighting spirit and adrenaline will eventually fade, you can get new projects to a state where that initiative is no longer required. Uranus transit in the 12th house: This transit stimulates the intuition and is also helpful for releasing old unconscious memories or habits. Letting go of the old, outworn becomes easier now or perhaps events may arise that give you the motivation to end something once and for all. Meditation may be appealing – and useful. Therapy too. Focusing inward will prove to be extremely beneficial. Take time to rest during this period. Do not push your self – or matters. A slower pace will do you good and keep you grounded. This transit also has a way of bringing private affairs out into the open. If you have something that you don’t want to be made public, you’ll need to be extra careful now. Also, this transit can indicate frenemies – friends who turn out to be secret enemies! Watch your back. 

    16th Leo Full Moon 7th house

    When the Full Moon takes place here, it can often bring awareness to your contractual agreements, anything you have agreed to do, signed, or other legal documents.  

    The 7th house is all about the “other” so it can illuminate anything that you couldn’t see before. If you happen to be single or dating, this is a time that you can take a relationship to the next level or initiate a connection, sign a contract, move in, take on some joint responsibility and start to make plans.  

    It’s often a time when we can all assess our relationships, our one-to-one connections, and we can look at our contracts and perhaps gain a little extra as a result. It brings the hidden into the light, and you get to see peoples true feelings and intentions.  

    It’s generally an emotionally heightened time because all that you feel about your relationships, commitments, contracts tend to bubble on up into the open.

    16th Venus and Mars conjunction in the 12th house

    You’ve got the short straw, Virgo because the Venus-Mars conjunction is in your twelfth. This isn’t a bad thing, but you’ll be focusing on yourself more than loving others. Francesca said: “This is a time to really focus on your dreams and anything that you reflect on that might indicate your deepest desires that perhaps aren’t that conscious to you. “From there you can expand this into what you want to make a reality, romantically, creatively or otherwise. “There’s a lot of dormant creative energy that can be burnt from hereon in.”

    25th Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (1st/4th) Uranus transit in the 1st house: Make a radical change to your appearance. Dye your hair green, ditch your old duds, lose weight or bulk up. Be free to be YOURSELF. Drop old friends, seek unusual people. Live the adventurous life you’ve always wanted! Watch out for impractical attitudes and rebelling for the sake of rebelling. Don’t be a rebel without a good cause! Uranus in Taurus is your time to be free – don’t cage yourself in. SOAR!