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Aries 2022 Horoscope – Your Annual Forecast


Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, stays in water sign Pisces until May 10th turning your attention onto your private life, as it is the inner world that matters in the first months of the year. During this time, your spiritual life may take centre stage. Still, you will also have a chance to reflect upon your life achievements, assess what is and what isn’t working for you and let go of situations, relationships, habits or routines that are holding you back. Jupiter will conjunct with Neptune on April 12th at 23 degrees commencing a new cycle of art, culture, spiritualism, where questions concerning life after death won’t be uncommon anymore. Between May 10th and October 28thJupiter will travel through your sign. Personal needs and qualities become increasingly important as your future growth and development will depend on these. There is an incredible possibility for success, but it is up to you to take advantage of it and put in the necessary work and effort for self-development. You can easily attract opportunities under the influence of this transit as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities. Freedom is essential to you throughout this phase.

This year also, on January 18th, the North Node will move into your sphere of income, resources and possessions, with the South Node in your area of joint finances, resources and intimate life. This shift of energies enhances your earning capabilities and income this year. While the North Node helps you attract financial opportunities, pay attention to the conjunction with Uranus in Taurus (18 degrees) on July 26th, as this period may bring unexpected possibilities and excitement into your financial sphere. Pay close attention to any investments or loans you may take; as with the South Node in Scorpio, you may experience money losses because of your partner’s affairs, debts or stock markets. For this reason, it is essential that you manage your finances wisely and pay off old debts if possible. Under the influence of the South Node, you may also undergo an internal transformation that could eventually lead to self-empowerment.

Your earning powers and incoming money are enhanced during the eclipses seasons in April and May and then again in October and November. It is a good time to refuel your energies and vital force. Manage your savings and outflow wisely. It is a good time for paying off your old debts and loans. 

This year, Mars is retrograde in the mutable sign Gemini between October 30th and January 12th. During this time, keep a close eye on the relationship with your siblings, neighbours and people in your community, as communication might be a challenge. At the same time, you may have an inner desire to pursue more education or learn new skills. Make sure you get your car checked and be particularly careful while driving. 

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