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Gemini Horoscope For October 2022

Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have their solstice this month. A solstice occurs when a planet slows down in its latitudinal motion and then changes direction. Venus solstice (until October 3rd) is about delays and changes related to your private life and the romantic side of your life. Mercury solstice may bring delays and a fresh start concerning your home and family-related matters between the 13th-16th. Finally, the Jupiter solstice between 1st-16th may bring delays and news regarding any contracts and agreements you have with other people.

This month’s solar eclipse of October 25th may disrupt your daily routine and employment. The changes may involve a new diet, a new job, or changes in the condition of your current job. If you have your own business, then there can be employee turnover and changes in circumstances in the lives of your employees. Since the Sun rules your third house, every solar eclipse also brings drama and changes in the lives of your siblings and next of kin. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will return to your career sphere on October 28th until December 20th, improving your employment prospects. The harder you worked this year, the greater the befits you will see throughout this time. You might also decide to leave a problematic work-related situation as life may present new opportunities regarding your professional path. It is generally an extremely eventful time in terms of your career. An authority figure or a parent might become more central in your life throughout these final months of 2022.

Mars retrogrades in your sign this year from October 30th until January 12th, 2023. During this time, a partner or employer may need your attention or become your support system in helping you achieve a specific milestone. Ensure you look after your health and diet, as you may over-extend yourself or burn out quickly from too much work or action. Use your wisdom and compassion in your dealings with others, as with Mars retrograde in your sign, you might become easily insensitive, even unintentionally.

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