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Pisces 2022 Horoscope – Your Annual Forecast


    Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, will stay in your sign for the first four and a half months of 2022, offering you plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development. It is also when your unique needs and desires become increasingly important as your future largely depends on them. There is an excellent potential for success, but it is up to you if you take advantage of it and put in the necessary work and effort for self-development. Nevertheless, under the influence of this transit, even though you attract good fortune into your life, you must take action and show initiative as new opportunities won’t just come without you putting some work first. 

    Jupiter will temporarily transition into your income area between May 10th and October 28th. During that time, you will have an opportunity to work on your financial sphere and improve your income capabilities through your own efforts due to increased earning powers or other professional developments. If you are going to be unemployed during this period, then under the influence of Jupiter in Aries, you might finally find the right employment. Otherwise, you may earn more this year by increasing your salary through a second job or other professional activities. The negative manifestation of this transit is that you may also have increased expenses. Whatever the scenario, Jupiter transiting this sphere of your life for a short period gives you a little taste or a hint of what you may expect next year when Jupiter stays in fiery Aries for much longer. 

    Also in 2022, the North Node transits the sign of stable earth sign Taurus, while the South Node will be in transformational Scorpio. For you on a personal level, this is a good time for learning new skills, studying, growing your creative talents as well as your intellect. With the South Node in your area of foreign affairs, you may not be fully satisfied or experience delays with matters connected to foreign affairs or long-distance travel. Watch out for any unexpected expenses concerning higher education or foreign travel as any rushed and unplanned decisions may result in the feeling that you wasted your time or money. Pay attention to your mental health throughout the year. If under stress, try to practice stress management techniques that involve good sleep, regular exercise, and, if needed, reduce alcohol and instead consume more water.  

    Mars stations retrograde in air sign Gemini between October 30th and mid-January 2023, during which time, events at home or with family members may require more attention.  Mars retrograde may also make you take everything to your heart and absorb the energy of those you surround yourself with. To protect yourself from unnecessary negativity, you may want to keep an open eye on any pessimists in your life. For your own benefit, try to surround yourself with optimistic people and experiences and implement boundaries to avoid being a part of other people’s hardships. 

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