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Scorpio Solar Eclipse October 2022 – What to Expect

    This month’s Solar Eclipse in the water sign Scorpio 2° will intensify our lives on October 25th, 2022. This is a partial eclipse, meaning that partial changes may occur rather than big changes.

    While lunar eclipses are more emotional and internal, connected to events produced by our own thoughts or feelings, solar Eclipses are more external, dealing with events that we have not consciously triggered.

    A solar eclipse indicates a new beginning. Its energy can be felt a month before or six months after the event. However, its effects can be felt up to a year after. It is a time of new sensations, new opportunities in love friendships or the work department. Take advantage of these new possibilities that arise because they might not last long, and if you do not use them wisely, they will disappear.

    It is a South Node solar eclipse meaning that this is a clearing-away time or a phase when we may have to move away from a situation or relationship that is no longer working in our lives to make space for more positive events to come to us.

    A South Node Solar Eclipse can generally seem more negative in effect, depending on the perspective and the circumstances, forcing us to let go of something first and detox (which can be positive in the end).

    Scorpio is a fixed sign, and an Eclipse in a fixed sign suggests long-term, enduring or finalising results. Also, Partial eclipses are not as powerful as annual or total eclipses. Water eclipses influence water, seas and rivers, but they are also related to women, children, emotions, psychological and spiritual matters, oil, chemistry, sewage, recycling, hospitals, loans, and sea life. There might be financial and economic changes of significant proportion and long-lasting effects with the Scorpio and Taurus axis activation.

    During the eclipses season, we get to deal with or face the issues in our life that are holding us back or preventing fulfilling our goals and dreams. Our decisions about how we deal with those issues will have significant importance because depending on how we respond to the events that unfold around the eclipse, the eclipse’s effect could be life-changing.  

    This solar eclipse is exactly conjunct Venus at 2° Scorpio. Since Venus governs financial and love interests, those with natal or progressed planets at around 0°–5° in the Taurus–Scorpio polarity are especially subject to dramatic changes in these areas, now and over the next several months. This may manifest as a sharp change in the financial or partnership sphere. 

    Saturn turns direct on the 23rd at 18° Aquarius and begins to separate from its long-term square to Uranus in Taurus. These two planets have been squaring each other since 2021, bringing all sorts of divisive factions, health issues, and social anxiety. Between now and March 2023 (when Saturn enters Pisces), we have the opportunity to find our favourite social circle, our unique network where we can fully express ourselves without fear of reprisal or enemy action. Juno also turns direct on the 23rd, making the rest of October a good time for you and your significant other to participate in group activities. Or, you may find a good partner within your network.

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