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Sun conjunct Mars October 2021

On October 7th, 2021, Mars will commence a new 2-year cycle which will end on November 18th, 2023. The Mars cycle begins when the Sun is conjunct Mars. It is a brand new cycle of passion, excitement, and desire that will play out differently for everyone over the next two years. If you set your goals and objectives now, you will have a greater ability to work more harmoniously with these energies along the way and get what you truly desire.

Mars, the ruler of fire sign Aries, is associated with drive, strong will, courage, war, and disruption. Mars will do what it takes to reach its aims and goals.  

The cycle begins with Mars and the Sun conjunction, and it reaches its halfway period when Mars is in opposition to the Sun. During the approximately five months on either side of the opposition, Mars will slow down and station retrograde, spending much longer than usual in a sign. It is the area of life/birth chart where you might encounter some challenges to overcome in order to progress in your life. When this period is finished, Mars and the Sun will spend the next year moving back to each other until they meet again in a new sign. 

Whatever lessons you had to face and overcome throughout this 25 months cycle (especially the ones emphasized during Mars retrograde period), as Mars and the Sun approach the end of the cycle, you might feel like you made exciting discoveries about yourself or your life. At this point, an entirely new venture may begin.