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Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 21-27, 2020

    This week begins with lots of energetical shifts, starting from the Sun moving into practical and action-oriented Capricorn, giving us the necessary commitment and discipline to achieve our goals while overcoming every obstacle along the way. With the Sun in Capricorn, we might also be challenged to learn our lessons around responsibility, however at the same time, be encouraged to build solid structures in our lives which help us survive these challenging times.

    On December 21st Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct in the very first degree of Aquarius, signifying the beginning of the new Aquarian age, where the importance will be placed on social fairness, justice and equity; cooperation rather than competition and generally a creation of a fairer world where the person is valued and appreciated as part of the collective.

    A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs every twenty years. In the last 200 years these two planets primarily conjoined in the earth element, where the main focus was on materialism: this is when several different methods of producing goods and services expanded, decisions and debates have focused around wealth creation, building of a solid source of sustenance and property ownership.

    With these two social planets moving away from the heavy energy of Capricorn that requires planning and strategy for every single move it makes to much lighter energy of the air sign Aquarius that wants revolution and change of whatever is not working. Aquarius is about ideas, information and knowledge, with the focus on the intellect rather that the material world.

    What will Jupiter and Saturn conjunction mean for us collectively?

    • we will begin to think differently/our way of thinking will change
    • our intellect, what we know will define who we are
    • we will move out from the era of the body and into the brain/information/thoughts
    • life will move at a much faster pace (air energy is fast)
    • the way we live will change, it will be more about communal life where people accept and understand other’s differences/opinions/thoughts/beliefs
    • collective ly we will be less physically competitive
    • the architecture will change(especially from 2023/24 when Pluto moves into Aquarius)
    • relationships are going to change (online partners, imaginary partners)
    • the way we work will change (working from home or remotely/anytime/anywhere)
    • A shift to Veganism

    All these changes may not bring an overnight relief to all we’ve witnessed in 2020, after the January Saturn and Pluto conjunction which brought us huge shifts on social, economin and educational level, but they will encourage us to reach out and find new ways to reconnect with others, find new legal and social solutions for public disorder and generally become more tolerant of other people’s ideas, beliefs and opinions.

    As the week goes by on Wednesday 23rd, Mars square Pluto gives us a great urge to gain control over others, or of situations. This tranist can also, cause power struggles and arguments and for that reason it is better to avoid unneccessary confrontations or getting involved in heated debates.

    Mercury trine Uranus on Friday 25th, brings change and stimulation without creating destruction and chaos. This is a wonderful time to follow your intuition, particularly in relationships. If you meet someone new at this time, it is likely to be a rather eccentreic and an unaual individual.

    The week concludes with Sun trine Uranus bringing intuition and flashes of insight that lead to self-discovery and inspirations. Enhanced self-esteem and a desire to try something new, makes this a great end to a busy week.

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