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Black Moon Lilith in Cancer – All Signs Forecast

With the Black Moon Lilith in your sign – Cancer, you will make a significant impact on those around you, especially your behaviour, even if you think you lash out when you are upset. Occasionally you may have an inner need to withdraw from the company of others or the outside world in general. Under the influence of this transit, you may blame others or accuse them of doing the wrong thing; however, in reality, it might be your unhappiness upsetting your colleagues or loved ones. Sometimes your dark feelings can affect your physical or mental health. Once you claim your feelings and break the cycle of blame, you will be free of self-undoing behaviour. Self-understanding and acceptance will bring comfort and greater life satisfaction.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer can make you delve too deeply into some issues or relationships in your life. Throughout the duration of this transit, you may think that other people are the problem and the cause of your life dilemmas, and perhaps they are. However, it would help if you focused your energies on less complicated matters. With Black Moon in Lilith, you might be too prone to get lost in the imaginary world rather than focus on everyday practicalities. You may struggle with self-discipline, and for this reason, it is crucial that you stay focused and live in the now and focus on what is essential in the present moment.

With the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, friendships can become a little upsetting in your lifetime. You may feel that your friends fail to live up to your expectations and that you cannot count on them. Alternatively, you may feel like your friends don’t listen to you. Your desire to become a part of a group and connect with like-minded people is likely to be stronger. Nevertheless, you might often feel rejected and think that it is others who are rejecting you. In fact, it might be the opposite. You may not realise it at first, but you might be pretty fixed in your ideas trying to impose your thoughts and feelings on others expecting them to agree with you. If someone disagrees, you may see it as a lack of support. The challenge for you is to learn to be more understanding and accept other people’s points of view. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter social issues, as the universe will likely attract people into your life who will have different opinions to yours so that you can learn your lessons. By becoming accepting, flexible and tolerant, you will find more joy and satisfaction in connecting with others in your social life.

With the Black Moon Lillith in Cancer, you may become overly ambitious to the point of overriding other people on your way to the top. Throughout this transit, you may become more confident than usual (especially in your public life), believing that you are better at your job than others. This type of attitude can annoy your colleagues without you even realising it. The Black Moon Lillith’s gift is the opportunity to bring unconscious or self-defeating behaviour to the surface where it can no longer be left unnoticed. Therefore the goal of this transit for you is to understand that others are just as capable. It would help if you learned to appreciate your colleagues’ skills and show them their respect. This will, in turn, increase other people’s respect for you.

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