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Aries Ingress 2022

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Virgo is the sign that rises (in both charts set for London and Kiev), and when a mutable sign rises, this chart is valid for six months until Libra Ingress. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is the natural significator of the youth of the country, as well as commerce, trade, travel and all forms of communication. Mercury, along with the Moon, symbolises the people and their condition. The anaretic degree of the Moon indicates, a lot of danger for the population on a global level. Since there are no earth planetary placements at this time, this suggests a lack of stability in the months to follow until at least the Libra Ingress, which sadly doesn’t look that promising either.

Some thoughts about Ukraine Aries Ingress Chart

In the chart set for Kiev, Mercury is located in the 6th house of Pisces, the sign of its fall and detriment. Mercury has minor dignity by term, which suggests that it (Ukraine) has some strength, although its (Ukraine’s) overall condition is weak. Mercury also rules the 10th house (Gemini) that is related to the Leader or Head of the Country. The only planet that Mercury aspects is Jupiter by applying conjunction. The applying conjunction to Jupiter from Mercury suggests that in the next 6 months, there will be an opportunity for a resolution of the problem of Ukraine and the enemy.

Jupiter ruling the 4th, 6th and the 7th suggests matters related to the land, army, public health and relations with other countries, whether friendly or hostile will be prominent in the next 6th months. Since Mercury (the people, the country) is in detriment and fall, it won’t be in the position to support Jupiter (the land and the public health). 

Jupiter that also represents the open enemy (7th house ruler) is in a stronger position than Mercury (Ukraine). However, on a positive note, Mercury having dignity by term will lessen any problems that may arise between the people and matters related to the land and public health.

The Sun highlights 7th house matters and rules the 11th house. The Sun is alone. The Sun is the natural ruler of notable persons, the leaders. This very well shows how the leader of Ukraine is acting alone, but he is strong angular in Aries his sign of exaltation. He has got the confidence and the willpower to protect his people. However since the Sun is located in the 7th of open enemy, this does also suggest that in the months to come, there won’t be overall control of the Country’s parliament, town and County Councils and similar bodies (Sun rules 11th house).

Venus on the other hand, the dispositor of the Moon, is unfortunately placed between Mars and Saturn, besieged and peregrine. She is dominated by all that Saturn symbolises, constrictions, strict rules and the need to obey. Venus is the ruler of the assets of the people and being located in the 5th house indicates financial issues around anything to do with places of amusement, entertainment and pleasure, but also the birth rate, children, sexual concerns (women and children are especially the most vulnerable and at risk of exploitation). Venus as ruler of the 2nd and the 9th house indicates people’s assets, the country’s economy and international trade, commerce and relationships will be in poor condition.

Some thoughts about the UK Ingress Chart

In the chart set for London, the country’s overall condition and the international relationships look much better than in the Ukraine’s chart. Mercury, the ruler of the chart is placed in angular 7th house of Pisces, so even though Mercury (the country and economy) is weakened by its placement in Pisces where it is in its fall and detriment; it receives its strenght by being placed in angular house along with Jupiter its dispositor.

The Moon on the other hand (the people) is weak, and about to move into Scorpio its sign of fall. So it is almost like moving from bad to worse. In the next six months the cost of fuel may continue to rise, as well as the cost of living. There might be also food shortages resulting in people not travelling as much as usual. The rise of cost of fuel will automatically increase the cost of travel. The Moon is placed in cadent 3rd house, suggesting that the people’s focus will be on information, news, internet, neighboring nations as well as all means of inland transportation such as railways, road and river traffic and cars.

Venus, besieged between Mars and Saturn, (unfortuantely placed) is the co-ruler the 2nd house related to people’s assets, income and the economoty. Its placement is weak suggesting that the finances might be resticted, emphesizing the importance of spending money wisely, avoiding unneccessary expenses.

What strikes me about this chart is that Jupiter ruling the 8th suggests matters relating to mortality will be prominent in the next 6th months. Ibn Labban noted that when the ruler of the Ascendant applies to the ruler of the 8th it can indicate many deaths. Since Mercury is considered a neutral planet and Jupiter a benefic, I think this may also signify fear of death of the people. 

to be continue…