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Midheaven in Astrology

Midheaven in Astrology

What is a Midheaven?

The Midheaven, also called the Medium Coeli (MC), represents your highest aspirations and career goals. It signifies the professional path you are most likely to pursue and succeed in. Understanding your Midheaven can allows us to make informed decisions about your professional development. The MC and more specifically the aspects it forms with other planets in the natal chart defines how successful one will be in the career of their choice. To be more precise, the Midheaven determines our career goals, our reputations, and public achievements. To find your Midheaven, you need the accurate birth time, date, and place of birth. 

Zodiac Signs on the Midheaven (MC)

With MC in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), one has the strength, courage, motivation to gain recognition and consistent faith in their worth. 

MC in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) indicates patience, methodology in achieving ambitions, and determination and duty.

In turn, MC in air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) give versatility and the ability to adapt to new conditions and gain broad support. 

MC in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to discover everything unknown, inaccessible, or unreachable.



With the Midheaven in Aries, one rushes toward new careers many times in their lifetime, with some false starts, especially in the initial phase of life. The fiery energy of Aries often gives one the need to change careers and a willingness to forge ahead in new areas. A need to be boss opens the door for self-employment. This placement is often connected to dynamic leaders, whether on stage, army, sports industry, law, or in politics. Aries on the MC makes one a naturally competitive (and combative) public persona that can succeed in the competitive environment in whatever field they choose. People with this placement are usually not afraid to take daring risks. 


People with a Midheaven in Taurus prefer to choose a secure, hands-on career with good prospects for generating wealth and building financial stability. They are skilled in earth-moving, building, and shaping life work—sculpture, landscaping, gardening, architecture, real estate, antiques, and farming. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and creativity; hence this placement is also often connected to careers in fashion, design and the art industry. Taurus MC individuals shine when they can use their natural skills through visual arts, decorating, home renovation, performance arts, music, and crafts. They have a gift to see where the opportunities are in business and make the most of them, either as financial world business people or investors.


With Gemini on the MC, communication and exchange of information play a very significant role in professional life. People with this placement often excel in careers related to journalism, performance, teaching, writing, public relations, fashion and design. Apart from this, their gift of communication helps them stand out in sales, business, advertising, and often even public speaking. They enjoy versatile careers and where two days are not the same. At the same time, they need excitement and people around them so that they can share their ideas and thoughts. They are good observers, and their strong emotional intelligence makes them stand out in the crowd.


People with Cancer on their MC often come across to the public as intuitive, caring, and able to read situations on a deep level. Some possible fields related to this placement include paediatrics, healing therapies, child care and social support. Their ability to tune into emotional moods makes them good at influencing others in public service or commercial fields such as advertising and marketing. They are trusted and appreciated, and this helps them form strong connections with others that eventually often lead to career growth. Cancer MC individuals will likely find mentoring others very satisfactory. Their imaginative gifts find great satisfaction in the arts and design industries too.


The Midheaven in fire sign Leo gives one a strong presence that works well in many fields, including government, teaching, acting, sales, and management. This type of individuals often have a strong leadership style and a creative talent. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and with the Sun being so prominent in the birth chart as the ruler of the MC, this helps the native attract the right connections into their life. Leo is the sign connected to playfulness and fun. With this in mind, natives with this placement excel in jobs related to wedding planning or being their own boss of their own company. Their warm and generous personality leaves a lasting impression on others.


With Virgo on the MC, one likes to have a stable and steady routine in their chosen work and engage in detailed fine-tuning activities. A detail-oriented mind makes people with this placement thorough researchers, writers, teachers, librarians or administrators. For this reason, they are often drawn into particular fields of science or medicine. They have a strong sense of duty and service. Their work may also involve anything related to healing of the body, yoga and teaching.


With a Midheaven in Libra, one has a polished, friendly public persona that allows them to make a good impression and harmoniously connect with others. People with this placement project an image of righteousness and flexibility. An adaptable attitude allows them to go with the flow and adjust their career path as required. Their eye for beauty fits well in the careers related to interior design, the arts industry, entertainment and media. However, they also do well in professions connected to law, politics or any other career that allows them to use their diplomacy skills. Their strong sense of balance and justice makes them individuals that can inspire others. 


With Scorpio on the Midheaven (MC), the sign connected to power and intensity, one has the inner ability to be the master of their destiny. With Scorpio placed at the MC, the native will have to expose oneself and emerge with a public persona. With a fantastic ability to read other people, you can immediately tell when someone is dishonest. Career paths related to this placement involve detective work, anything to do with research, psychology and investigation, as well as banking and finance. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and fixed energy gives one the ability to see things through to the end. People with this placement won’t relax until they bring everything to a satisfactory ending.


People with their Midheaven in Sagittarius are expansive and open to various career fields. Sagittarius is often called ‘the philosopher of the zodiac’, and it is not a suprise that people with this placement like to share their knowledge and wisdom through teaching or counselling. They are the eternal students that excel in professions that allow them to research, investigate and explore. Often times natives with Sagittarius on their MC work in careers related to higher education, journalism, broadcasting, writing, and photography. Foreign travel plays an essential part in their lives, allowing them to unlock new possibilities.


People with Capricorn on their MC are usually satisfied in careers that allow them to grow and progress. Their heightened level of persistence in reaching their goals often makes them successful individuals. They excel in jobs that offer them stability while allowing wealth-building with slow but consistent efforts to success. Their public persona is serious and determined, earning them respect from others, especially from people in the professional environment. They know how to make good use of their time and resources and how to gain support from others.


With MC in Aquarius, one is usually original and unique in their chosen profession. These qualities can prompt natives to seek an unusual career path with this placement. Aquarius on the MC often signifies that one may decide to suddenly change their career at least once throughout life. Ideally, when it comes to their professional life, they should aim to work within a group environment. They value a sense of equality in their career life and would benefit from working with others towards a common goal that would help other people. With Aquarius on the MC, one might also be drawn to some original or unusual professions, where they can use their progressive thinking and have an opportunity to implement unique ideas. Whatever the scenario, they need plenty of freedom and independence to feel most fulfilled and content in their place of work. They love excitement, glamour, and originality and are challenged by gadgets and cosmic science and are often drawn into astronomy, astrology, computer science, and engineering.


People with their MC in Pisces shine in fields where they can swim in deep waters. Pisces MC individuals are very creative and often excel in careers related to art, healing and creativity. Their strength is their sensitivity, but it also may keep them from claiming their full potential. They are often drawn to working on or near the water, and have the ability to tune into non-verbal kinds of communication (animals, marine life, nature spirits, elementals, inter-dimensional beings). Pisces rules the feet, which could lead to working as a reflexologist, podiatrist, or someone who loves to give/receive foot massages.

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