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Black Moon Lilith in Cancer – All Signs Forecast

    Black Moon Lilith in Cancer transit commences on April 14th until January 8th of 2023. The last time Black Moon Lilith stayed in Cancer was between June 2013, and February 2014. If you look back to that period and try to remember what happened in your life around that time and what life themes you had to deal with, you will better understand how this transit may influence you this time around. You are older and wiser at this point in life, and you are unlikely to think the same way about certain things; it is still a great way to mentally prepare for the upcoming period.  

    Black Moon Lilith is a geometrical point, like the Ascendant or Nodes of the Moon. Geometrically, Black Moon Lilith symbolises the empty focal (central) point of the Moon’s elliptical orbital path around the planet Earth (found within a void that falls between the Earth and the Moon’s orbital apogee as seen from Earth). 

    Black Moon Lilith takes approximately nine years to go around the zodiac, staying nine months in each sign. Her exaltation is in Scorpio, and her domicile is in Capricorn. 

    Black Moon Lilith is connected with maturity, especially emotional maturity, and seems to be involved in working with complex and intense feelings, jealousy and anger, to the point of inner balance, harmony, and self-empowerment. Her dark side is revealed in emotional outbursts of destructive anger, intense passion, emotional manipulation and disordered aggression. The Black Moon Lillith is associated with sexual energy, taboo, and deepest desires. Transits of the Black Moon Lilith help us to stand up for ourselves, even when it means getting in trouble.

    If your natal Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer, then you will go through your Black Moon Lilith Return in the next nine months as the Black Moon Lilith will be conjunct your natal BM Lilith. During this time, you may be more aware of your blockages or issues around being able to stand up, speak out, or defend yourself, and you may be required to do those things in a way that stands out for you. 

    Black Moon Lilith in the Water Sign Cancer can be emotionally manipulative. When afflicted (especially by squares or oppositions with natal planets), it can bring up our insecurities to the surface and create challenges when dealing with feelings and emotional situations. Withdrawal and escapism are some of the common themes of the negative manifestations of the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Nevertheless, once we realise that we can change how we react to our own and other people’s emotions, we will be able to connect with others more profoundly and with greater satisfaction.

    Find out How the BML in Cancer will Influence Your Zodiac Sign:

    The Black Moon Lillith in Cancer can make you upset about matters and issues concerning your home and family. You may get caught up in a situation assuming that your family is the problem, but in reality, it could be that you are the one who is running away from home or family-related responsibilities. On a different level, throughout the duration of this transit, you may expect your family members to save you from life difficulties or resolve your emotional problems. Deep down, though, you may discover that some parts of your behaviour might be upsetting your loved ones, prompting you to change something in your way of being. Even if you are dealing with a situation out of your control, you will eventually realise that you need to be more patient with your family members without always expecting them to help you. The Black Moon Lillith’s offering to you is the opportunity to bring unconscious behaviour to the surface where it can no longer act uncontrollably.

    With the Black Moon Lillith in Cancer, your words will have a profound effect on others, so use your words wisely as they may seem harsh at times and might put you in trouble even if your intentions are genuine. Throughout the duration of this transit, you might become more critical and have dark feelings and thoughts. On the positive side, you will be able to face the truth with more ease, dive deep into the core of any problem that made you speak out and acknowledge the impact of your words on your loved ones. You may find that others come to you with their problems more often than usual, as your ability to understand strong emotions will become as beneficial as a counselling session. 

    With the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, problems may arise regarding money. Throughout the duration of this transit, you are likely to blame others for your money issues, but in reality, it is unlikely to be purely their fault. Perhaps your ability to manage the finances, in some way, contribute to any problems concerning your income. You can overcome your financial difficulties once you realise what is blocking or contributing to your financial success. Your self-esteem may be somehow connected to your financial problems. Perhaps you need to change your job, or are afraid of taking a financial risk or are you overspending, compensating for lack of self-esteem and happiness? Whatever the scenario, with Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, you can face the truths and build more financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones.

    With the Black Moon Lilith in your sign – Cancer, you will make a significant impact on those around you, especially your behaviour, even if you think you lash out when you are upset. Occasionally you may have an inner need to withdraw from the company of others or the outside world in general. Under the influence of this transit, you may blame others or accuse them of doing the wrong thing; however, in reality, it might be your unhappiness upsetting your colleagues or loved ones. Sometimes your dark feelings can affect your physical or mental health. Once you claim your feelings and break the cycle of blame, you will be free of self-undoing behaviour. Self-understanding and acceptance will bring comfort and greater life satisfaction.

    Black Moon Lilith in Cancer can make you delve too deeply into some issues or relationships in your life. Throughout the duration of this transit, you may think that other people are the problem and the cause of your life dilemmas, and perhaps they are. However, it would help if you focused your energies on less complicated matters. With Black Moon in Lilith, you might be too prone to get lost in the imaginary world rather than focus on everyday practicalities. You may struggle with self-discipline, and for this reason, it is crucial that you stay focused and live in the now and focus on what is essential in the present moment.

    With the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, friendships can become a little upsetting in your lifetime. You may feel that your friends fail to live up to your expectations and that you cannot count on them. Alternatively, you may feel like your friends don’t listen to you. Your desire to become a part of a group and connect with like-minded people is likely to be stronger. Nevertheless, you might often feel rejected and think that it is others who are rejecting you. In fact, it might be the opposite. You may not realise it at first, but you might be pretty fixed in your ideas trying to impose your thoughts and feelings on others expecting them to agree with you. If someone disagrees, you may see it as a lack of support. The challenge for you is to learn to be more understanding and accept other people’s points of view. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter social issues, as the universe will likely attract people into your life who will have different opinions to yours so that you can learn your lessons. By becoming accepting, flexible and tolerant, you will find more joy and satisfaction in connecting with others in your social life.

    With the Black Moon Lillith in Cancer, you may become overly ambitious to the point of overriding other people on your way to the top. Throughout this transit, you may become more confident than usual (especially in your public life), believing that you are better at your job than others. This type of attitude can annoy your colleagues without you even realising it. The Black Moon Lillith’s gift is the opportunity to bring unconscious or self-defeating behaviour to the surface where it can no longer be left unnoticed. Therefore the goal of this transit for you is to understand that others are just as capable. It would help if you learned to appreciate your colleagues’ skills and show them their respect. This will, in turn, increase other people’s respect for you.

    Black Moon Lillith in Cancer in the 9th house is not the most comfortable placement. It indicates that you are at odds with society’s laws, structures or establishments. Throughout the duration of this transit, you are likely to blame pillars of society for all of their mistakes – their rigid religious principles, unfair laws, violation of civil rights etc. Nevertheless, the truth is that deep inside, you feel pretty rebellious and perhaps even fed up as your life philosophies, and principles changed or are different from the norm. If you have a strong need to rebel, you may cause chaos, both for yourself and those around you. However, if you can learn to agree to disagree with individuals and society as a whole, especially the ones who have different life views or life principles, then you can enjoy your unique approach more joyfully.

    The transiting Black Moon Lillith in the 8th house of your birth chart can reveal intimate details of your life that you would, perhaps, prefer that stayed forgotten. This is because the darker aspects of the Black Moon Lillith are associated with sexuality, birth, death, debt, greed, and other private matters. Throughout the duration of this transit, you may unintentionally attract the darker aspects of society into your life. It can vary from strange things happening around you, like your partner excessively investing money in risky shares, to someone in your community turning violent. You are likely to be unsure why weird things are happening to you, but they will do and will trigger deep emotions inside you. The challenge for you is to face your emotional and psychic depths, understand them and release whatever is not needed anymore. 

    With Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, you might never be truly satisfied with your relationship. It is possible that you don’t want to get married because you can’t find someone who measures up to your expectations. Alternatively, you may commit to someone but complain excessively about them to others. Whatever the scenario, you may find it challenging to be satisfied in a committed relationship because all you see is the dark side of your significant other. The issue may be that you do not see things clearly. The closeness demanded by marriage is likely triggering a subconscious memory of your parents’ relationship. Whether you realise it or not, an unpleasant aspect of your parents’ union is playing on your subconscious mind. You may also seek perfection in your partner to avoid the emotional pain associated with old memories. Once you realise that there is no such thing as a perfect partner, you will be able to break free from the emotional pain from old memories and find a loving and rewarding connection with your loved one. 

    With the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, work can sometimes be distressing. You may have difficulty planning your daily life and work schedule, assuming this to be the fault of others. It might be that you take on or are given too many duties, your co-workers may interrupt your thoughts, and the days may seem not long enough. It would help if you organised your daily workload more constructively in order to assert your rights. You have a right to say ‘no’, especially when you are given too much work. It also doesn’t make sense to overload your schedule in an attempt to feel good about yourself, as this will only affect your wellbeing. 

    With the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, your desire to live a more carefree lifestyle will increase. For this reason, self-discipline will play an essential role throughout the duration of this transit, as there might be days when you would rather play than take responsibility for your life. Your creative pursuits, hobbies and interests will be dominant, fulfilling a deep need within you. If someone stands in the way of your happiness, you are likely to lash out. You may blame other people, perhaps even your children, for preventing you from following your passionate interests. If this is the case, you may find it beneficial to find a balance between pleasure and responsibilities. Once you have found this balance, you may be an excellent teacher, artist, and parent.

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