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Aries Horoscope For December 2022


As we begin the final month of the year, there are fewer planets in retrograde motion which means that you will likely see more progress in some parts of your life. The pace of life will also likely speed up substantially, however not entirely, as bear in mind that your ruler Mars is still retrograde for another month and a half. This can make you insecure and vulnerable, especially since Mars is also out of bounds.

On a positive note, your career life is looking promising this month since Saturn, the planet ruling your career sphere, is now moving forward, and from the 21st, Jupiter will come back into your sign, bringing abundance and good fortune.

Mars, your ruler, is still retrograde this month, showing the need for gaining greater clarity regarding your inner desires, goals and ambitions. You may experience a temporary confusion regarding your life direction, making you feel like you are going backwards instead of forward. Unclear what you want from life, you may find yourself reviewing and reassessing many aspects of your life. Keep a close eye on your relationship with your siblings, neighbours and community members, as communication might be challenging now.

The Full Moon on December 7th falls in the mutable sign Gemini. Under the influence of this particular lunar eclipse, you might attract situations in which you must extend yourself when working with others, and this can make you feel that others know more than you. However, in reality, it could be the other way around, with others perceiving you as a highly intellectual individual. For that reason, this full moon is an excellent time for re-gaining self-confidence in your abilities, as you might be capable of much more than you realise. 

The Capricorn New Moon on December 23rd falls in your tenth house of career, public life and recognition. These next four weeks might be truly fortunate for you. If you work in publishing, broadcasting, or if you are a digital marketer, you will also reap the benefits of this News Moon’s energies. The New Moon in the honours house may also bring career-related rewards for your hard work and dedication.

Your ninth house is powerful this month, especially in the first three weeks while the Sun remains here, but also the ruler of your ninth house, Jupiter, will be powerful until the 20th, suggesting that you may travel abroad. Those trying to sort out their student, visa or passport application should also be lucky this month. Spirituality will yet again become important to you. It will likely continue until mid-December when Jupiter returns to your sign. Jupiter in the 12th house acts like a guardian Angel protecting you and ensuring you don’t get into too much trouble. Soul searching and mental health will also be some of your interest topics throughout the next month and a half. 

However don’t worry, good fortune will carry past December 20th, when Jupiter will transition into your sign, which will remain until May 2023. Jupiter has already blessed you with its positive energies between May 10th and October 28th, and it is now returning to allow you to grow in many areas of life.

Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on December 29th until January 18th. Make sure you keep all the receipts of your purchases made during the retrograde period, as once Mercury stations direct you might regret some of these purchases.