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Leo Horoscope For December 2022


You will likely want to enjoy life in the first three weeks of December. Three planets are out of bounds this month. Mars has been out of bounds since the second part of October, Venus from 2-24 December and Mercury from 1-20 December. You may need to go out of your comfort zone in your financial sphere or career or perhaps book a holiday to a unique exotic destination. 

Mars is still retrograde in Gemini this month where it will remain in this motion until January 12th. During this time, there will likely be an increased activity in your social life, prompting you to reassess your social connections and, most importantly, who you want to spend your time with. You may find yourself in situations when your ability to assert yourself in group situations is tested. This retrograde also makes you more realistic about your long-term plans and goals. If you are planning on travelling, you might experience travel-related delays as Mars is the ruler of your ninth house.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 7th Lunar Eclipse on November 19th falls in the fixed sign Taurus. The 3rd house matters are illuminated by the Sun’s presence in the 3rd. The Sun may help you to sharpen your networking skills. You may travel with siblings, and foreign language studies are highlighted with these eclipses, writing and public speaking. Changes to your neighbourhood are possible at this time. This lunar eclipse offers you a new perspective or a broader vision of your life. Alternatively, your sibling might get married or have a child.  

The Capricorn New Moon on December 23rd acts as an opportunity to improve your health and daily life. Considering that it is a holiday season in many parts of the world, work-life might slow down, but you will have to catch up with all the projects as soon as you’re back to work in case you’re taking a break. Life will require from you more effort and this can eventually lead to a feeling of exhaustion, so make sure you take time for rest as otherwise you might burn out easily. Those looking for additional overtime or an extra job will find more luck in attracting the right opportunities. If you are unemployed, your chances of finding employment will likely increase after mid-January.

Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on December 29th until January 18th. Make sure you keep all the receipts of your purchases made during the retrograde period, as once Mercury stations direct you might regret some of these purchases.