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Aries Horoscope for May 2022


Venus, the planet of charm and beauty, is in your sign this month until May 28th. Venus will help you attract positive energies and experiences throughout this time, making you feel luckier and more attractive while allowing you to make better choices and perhaps even gain more resources.

The Sun will travel through your sphere of income until May 21. If you have been delaying making any important changes in your life because you didn’t have the money to pursue your goals, this is the month to start investing. Make a plan to help you reach your dreams. Figure out what will it take to save the amount that you require. 

The Sun will conjoin with Uranus in Taurus on May 05, and this can be a time when you might experience some shocking changes in your financial sphere, happening pretty unexpectedly. Following this conjunction, you might finally realise what is essential in terms of self-value. Since the Sun also rules your 5th house, you might also receive sudden financial gains through freelancing, hobbies, interests, or other creative efforts. For some people, this could also mean unexpected expenses concerning their children.

On May 10, Mercury will station retrograde for the second time this year. This time around, in the air sign Gemini, triggering your sphere of communication and short distance travel. Confusion may mean you need further information to gain greater clarity. If you haven’t heard from someone you have been awaiting news, check if they received your message. This retrograde might also reunite many Aries with their siblings or next of kin. A lack of clarity may push you to re-think or review certain aspects of your life.

Jupiter enters the fire sign, Aries, on May 10, where it will remain until October 28, 2022. Jupiter will square your home and career sphere throughout this time, stimulating a desire to achieve something meaningful. Whatever you have now will not be enough or feel like enough. You will want more, and you will be able to overcome any previous limitations and blockages—an opportunity may arise to improve your living conditions related to purchasing real estate and land. BE REALISTIC!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 with the solar point in your sphere of income may bring rewards and gradually improve your financial situation due to possible financial gains thanks to your skills and talents. It can also indicate that you will deal with a situation related to any debts you may have, including mortgages. This eclipse could also mean that you may have to deal with additional financial obligations. Alternatively, you might be ready to pay off a significant debt hanging over your head up until now. Saturn will square this eclipse, which is likely to create strong ambitions, fear and expectation of rejection. You may underestimate your potential and question your self-worth. 

You may feel slightly disoriented and uncertain about your life direction around May 17 when your ruler Mars aligns with mystical Neptune in Pisces. Avoid any temptation to employ secrecy or deception in your actions, as this may get you lost inside your head.

Mercury retrogrades into stable Taurus on May 22 until June 1st (ends at 26 degrees of Taurus), prompting you to review your financial situation as this retrograde might create a lack of clarity about your finances. Think twice before making significant purchases, as you might purchase something that you don’t really need under the influence of this transit. 

Mars enters your sign – Aries, on May 24, increasing your drive, courage and confidence. This is a crucial time to make appointments and prepare for presentations or interviews. When Mars is in your sign—a rare event that happens for six weeks every two years—you have something precious: control over your life. You are in the driver’s seat.

The month’s final days may get quite intense when Venus forms a challenging connection to intense Pluto on May 26, meaning that your emotional life is subject to many problems. What you want and seek around this time might not be what you need, resulting in undesirable consequences. You might find yourself in a situation where you may finally claim back your power after some crisis. Alternatively, you may undergo a total transformation of your personality and appearance.