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Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Taurus January 2022 Monthly Astrology Forecast

January 2022 begins with the New Moon in Capricorn (12 degrees) on January 2nd, turning your attention onto your life direction, higher learning and at the same time energising you to expand your wisdom and horizons. This New Moon brings new possibilities for you connected to foreign travel, higher education, law and publishing. Under the influence of this New Moon, you shall handle any challenges in your life with a mature and responsible attitude. This is a time to take action rather than wait for things to happen. Saturn, the ruler of this New Moon sextile Mars in Sagittarius, allows you to understand different aspects of your outer life more objectively, especially if you have been overly emotionally invested in certain situations or circumstances in your life.

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces on January 11th can temporarily blur your understanding of what you really want in your life. This, in turn, can create difficulty trusting in your ability to go after your long-term goals and objectives, resulting in you possibly wanting to go deeply within to discover and understand your true desires. 

On January 14th, Mercury stations retrograde at 10 degrees of Aquarius until February 4th. The pre-shadow period of this retrograde started on December 29th and the post-shadow period ends on February 24th. While Mercury stays in retrograde motion, in the fixed sign Aquarius, you may feel like reassessing your career path and see whether you are heading in the right direction or whether something needs to change. You may also wish to get in touch with people you haven’t seen for a while, or you may bump into an old colleague quite unexpectedly. Misunderstandings with others are also possible. If this is the case, this can prompt you to reassess some of your business connections and see where you stand in your professional life as an individual. 

The Full Moon in emotional water sign Cancer (27 degrees) on January 17th opposes the Sun-Pluto conjunction in the authoritarian sign Capricorn. The Sun and Pluto conjunction focuses on your personal ambitions, which are likely to be intensified. This blend of energies can significantly change your life direction moving forward if used correctly. The Moon, on the other hand, in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, may prompt you to deal with profound and complex issues concerning life within your community, your communications style and your life within your community. You may let go of habits or situations that no longer belong in your life or perhaps that you no longer have control over. Furthermore, the Moon is void, meaning that patience could be the best way forward instead of rushing for things to happen.

On January 18th, the nodal axis change signs into Taurus and Scorpio.  Under the influence of these energies, you may find that you are the strong one in your one to one relationships, as this transit enhances your leadership capabilities. You will also benefit from working independently, following your own ideas and objectives throughout the year. With the South Node in Scorpio, your partner, husband, or someone close to your heart may be weaker at this time. It could manifest as him being unemployed, burnt out, or busy with his own affairs. It is not the best time for overly relying on your partner. Instead, this is a good time for helping and supporting the important people in your life while relying on yourself. 

As we near the end of the month, your sphere of foreign affairs, higher learning and life direction is activated again. Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn, the ruler of your long-distance travel, religion and life philosophy, on January 25th. Then on January 28th, it will conjunct transformational Pluto prompting you to re-evaluate past issues and blockages that stand in the way towards your success and at the same time help you determine how these issues or limitations connected to your growth can be overcome.

Venus stations direct in Capricorn on January 29th, after spending over a month triggering your area of foreign affairs and life direction. Hopefully, by now, you have a better idea of where you’re going with your life and what is it that you aim to achieve.

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