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Aries Horoscope For November 2022


October ended with Jupiter leaving your sign and moving into your 12th house. Spirituality has yet again become important to you. It will likely continue until mid-December when Jupiter returns to your sign. Jupiter in the 12th house acts like a guardian Angel protecting you and ensuring you don’t get into too much trouble. Soul searching and mental health will also be some of your interest topics throughout the next month and a half. 

Mars, your ruler, is already retrograde this month, showing the need for gaining greater clarity regarding your inner desires, goals and ambitions. You may experience a temporary confusion regarding your life direction, making you feel like you are going backwards instead of forward. Unclear what you want from life, you may find yourself reviewing and reassessing many aspects of your life. Keep a close eye on your relationship with your siblings, neighbours and community members, as communication might be challenging now.

The Lunar Eclipse on November 8th falls in your second house of money matters. Since this is a total eclipse, it is likely to be pretty powerful, bringing some aspects of your financial sphere to a conclusion. While solar eclipses are about new beginnings, lunar eclipses often are about endings and conclusions. This eclipse shines a light on your finances, resources, holdings and possessions. With Uranus being so prominent in your money sector, opposing the Sun, expect news that will impact your financial area. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd brings new possibilities connected to foreign travel, higher education, law, broadcasting and publishing. Under the influence of this New Moon, you shall handle any challenges in your life with a mature and responsible attitude. It is a time to take action rather than wait for things to happen. Depending on your circumstances, the ninth house activation may also help with any projects connected to publishing, broadcasting and the media.