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Leo Horoscope For November 2022


Mars turns retrograde in Gemini last month where it will remain in this motion until January 12th. During this time, there will likely be an increased activity in your social life, prompting you to reassess your social connections and, most importantly, who you want to spend your time with. You may find yourself in situations when your ability to assert yourself in group situations is tested. This retrograde also makes you realistic about your long-term plans and goals. 

This Lunar Eclipse could bring or initiate significant life changes, especially if close to the MC. This indicates a possible change in career direction. You may want to leave home and start a more independent life to establish your own identity. You might begin a new career. You may need to get an education to qualify for the growth you seek in your career. The domestic sphere matters are illuminated by the Sun’s presence in this most personal area of your chart. Major conclusions to issues concerning the home and housing, parents and family structures brought into the open area of public view (10th house).

The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd brings an opportunity for you to find a new romantic relationship. If you are already committed, you will have more quality, fun time to spend together. Matters related to children and conception will also glow. If you were trying to get pregnant, you might get some good news now. If you have children, thanks to this new moon, you will especially enjoy spending time with them, so plan a day out to make the most of these energies. This New Moon will connect with abundant and expansive Jupiter in your friendship sector, so friends will also play a part during this time. 

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