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Taurus Horoscope For November 2022


Jupiter has been in your friendship zone since the end of October. While Jupiter stays in Pisces until December 20th, you will think of the big picture, have great ideas and have more clarity about your goals for the following year. Settling old and unresolved issues in your social life may become a part of how you move along in the next couple of months. Long-lasting friendships or moving to a position of responsibility and power, through groups you belong to or in your career is also possible. 

With Mars now retrograde financial matters will play an especially important role in your life in the next couple of months. Plans that you initiated and ideas that you started to develop from the moment Mars went into Gemini will continue to grow as you go along.

The lunar eclipse on November 8th exposes the personal issues of your partner or some external social affairs that could impact you personally and draw you into the drama. This lunar eclipse could also bring an engagement, the beginning of a business partnership or marriage planning. Furthermore, often legal matters start or end with a lunar eclipse in the 1st house. The Sun in the 7th may signify assistance to the significant other (check if your natal Mars & Pluto condition at the time of this lunar eclipse for more guidance).

The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd will shine its light in your sphere of other people’s money, transformation and intimate matters. In the four weeks following this New Moon, you can earn a commission from a sale, investments or through affiliate marketing links if you are a blogger. With the end of the year approaching, you may also be doing tax planning and estimating how much you will have to pay. These next four weeks would be an excellent time to meet with your accountant. If you recently received an inheritance, you could now begin researching how and where to invest it.

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