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Capricorn Horoscope April 2024

This month the messenger planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aries 27° on April 1st until April 25th. During this time, you may experience some disruptions and challenges related to your home and family life, since Mercury retrograde in Aries, especially influences your domestic life area. This can include issues with communication, misunderstandings, or delays in important matters related to your home or property. It’s important to stay patient and flexible during this time, as Mercury retrograde can bring about unexpected changes and challenges. This is also a good time to reflect on your past and your family history, as the 4th house is associated with ancestry and roots. You may find that revisiting old memories and family traditions can bring about a sense of comfort and stability throughout this time of change and uncertainty.

The hightlight of this month is a Solar Eclipse in Aries 19° on March 8th. This eclipse can bring about changes and new beginnings related to your home, family, and emotional foundation. During this time, you may have a strong need to take charge of your life and assert your independence within your domestic sphere. This eclipse can also bring up issues related to your childhood and upbringing that may need to be addressed and resolved in order to move forward and create a strong sense of inner security.

This eclipse makes a tight connection with the asteroid Chiron, potentially triggering deep-seated emotions and unresolved issues from your past, particularly related to your childhood or your relationship with your parents. You may feel the urge to confront these issues and seek closure or healing. This is without a doubt a time to focus on strengthening your emotional foundation and creating a sense of security and stability within yourself and your home. You may feel a need to make changes in your living situation or family dynamics, or to reconnect with family members from whom you’ve become estranged.

On the 20th of the month we’ve got a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of stable earth sign Taurus 21° activating your area of creative self-expression and romance. During this time, there may be unexpected opportunities for fun, pleasure, and adventure, as well as a desire to take risks and try new things. This major alignment also suggests that you will have a greater need for freedom and independence in matters of the heart, as well as a willingness to break free from conventional norms and values. Overall, Jupiter and Uranus conjunction can bring a sense of excitement and possibility to your life in the areas of love, creativity, and self-expression.

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd, illuminates your sphere of financial stability and security. The Scorpio Full Moon in the 11th house brings intense emotions and transformational experiences related to friendships, social networks, and goals. You may feel a strong desire to connect with others on a deep level. This is a time to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, and to embrace new opportunities for growth and connection. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to be vulnerable with those you trust. This Full Moon may also bring about some unexpected changes or revelations, so be open to receiving new insights and perspectives.

The Moon’s square to Pluto in Aquarius, intensifies the transformative energy of this full moon and may bring about some challenging situations related to power struggles and control within your social circle. You may experience intense emotions and conflicts related to friendships, group dynamics, and your personal goals. This is a time to be honest with yourself about your motivations and to avoid manipulative or controlling behaviour. You may also need to let go of friendships or social connections that are no longer serving your highest good. It’s essential to stay grounded and centered during this time and to focus on healing, growth, and transformation. With awareness, patience, and a willingness to let go of the past, you can navigate this challenging aspect and emerge stronger and more empowered.

Mercury turns direct in Aries 15°/16° on April 25th. When Mercury is direct in Aries your communication skills are heightened, and you may feel more confident in expressing yourself. This is a time to speak your truth and assert your needs, especially when it comes to your home and family life. You may have a strong desire to take action and make changes in your living situation, whether it be through renovations, redecorating, or even moving to a new home. It’s important that you are mindful of any conflicts that may arise during this transit, and to approach any disagreements with patience and understanding. By doing so, you can create a harmonious and nurturing environment for yourself and your loved ones.

  • March 19th 2024 pre shadow period begins Aries ♈️ 15°.
  • April 1st 2024 Mercury retrograde in Aries ♈️ 27° begins.
  • April 25th 2024 Mercury retrograde ends Aries ♈️ 15°; the post shadow period begins.
  • May 13th 2024 Mercury retrograde post shadow period ends Aries ♈️ 27°

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