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Pisces Horoscope April 2024

Pisces Horoscope

This month the messenger planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aries 27° on April 1st until April 25th. Mercury Retrograde in Aries in your income area, can cause some disruptions in your financial matters and communication. If you can, try to be extra cautious when it comes to making important financial decisions during this time. Take extra care to review contracts and agreements before signing them. This transit can also bring up issues related to self-worth and confidence, so it’s a good time to focus on building your self-esteem. Remember to be patient and take things slow during this period.

The hightlight of this month is a Solar Eclipse in Aries 19° on March 8th. The placement of the Aries Solar Eclipse in the 2nd house can bring changes in your financial situation. You may experience a sudden increase in income or a shift in your values and priorities related to money. This can be a good time to focus on building financial security and re-evaluating your relationship with material possessions. Be mindful of impulsive spending and make sure you’re making wise financial decisions.

The Aries Solar Eclipse connects tightly with the asteroid Chiron, bringing up issues related to self-worth, values, and finances. This may be a time when you are encouraged to confront any wounds or insecurities related to these areas of your life and work to heal them. The energy of Aries can bring a sense of assertiveness and confidence to the process of addressing these wounds. However, the conjunction with Chiron may also bring up feelings of vulnerability or pain around these issues. In terms of finances, this eclipse may bring about changes or new opportunities related to money. Try to approach these changes with a clear sense of your values and priorities, and ensure that any financial decisions align with these values. Overall, this eclipse can be a powerful time for personal growth and transformation, particularly in regards to issues related to self-worth and finances.

On the 20th of the month we’ve got a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of stable earth sign Taurus 21°. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your area of communication, can bring about significant changes and opportunities in your communication style and learning capabilities. This conjunction can help you expand your knowledge, sharpen your intellect, and open up new avenues of self-expression. It’s an excellent time to pursue new interests, take up a new course, or communicate your ideas with confidence. However, it’s essential that you remain grounded and practical in your approach, as the energy of Taurus can sometimes make you overly indulgent or stubborn.

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd, illuminates your sphere of financial stability and security. This full moon can bring about a strong desire for spiritual growth and exploration. This may be a time to deeply examine your beliefs and philosophies, and to seek out new experiences that expand one’s understanding of the world. It’s also a time to confront any fears or hidden truths that may be holding one back from achieving their goals. This can be a powerful and transformative period, but it may require some inner work and self-reflection.

This full moon forms a tense connection with its modern ruler, Pluto in Aquarius, bringing up intense emotions and possible power struggles. It’s a time when you may have to confront some deep-seated fears and transform them into personal growth. This may involve letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. It’s important to be honest with yourself and others during this time, as secrets and hidden agendas can come to light.

Mercury stations direct in Aries 15°/16° on April 25th. This means that after this date, you will likely experience a boost in your communication skills, particularly in matters related to finances and personal possessions. This is a great time to engage in negotiations, make financial plans, and take bold decisions regarding your resources. You may feel more confident and assertive in expressing your ideas and opinions, which can help you attract more abundance and prosperity. However, be mindful of being too impulsive or hasty with your decisions, as Mercury in Aries can also make you prone to impulse buying or reckless spending. Overall, this is a favourable time to focus on your financial goals and take practical steps towards achieving them.

  • March 19th 2024 pre shadow period begins Aries ♈️ 15°.
  • April 1st 2024 Mercury retrograde in Aries ♈️ 27° begins.
  • April 25th 2024 Mercury retrograde ends Aries ♈️ 15°; the post shadow period begins.
  • May 13th 2024 Mercury retrograde post shadow period ends Aries ♈️ 27°

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