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How the December Solar Eclipse Is Messing With Your Zodiac Sign

The December Total Solar Eclipse occurs on the 4th at 12 degrees of fire sign Sagittarius. A solar eclipse is six times stronger than a regular new moon. A total solar eclipse rather than a partial, suggests that big changes may occur.

It is a South Node lunar eclipse meaning that this is somewhat a clearing-away time or a phase when we may have to move away from a situation or a relationship that is no longer working in our life in order to make space for more positive events to come to us.

The Moon at the time of this solar eclipse will be in the mutable sign Sagittarius symbolizing a time of change. Mutable signs are connected to information and its development. Sagittarius is a sign related to the distribution of information. Collectively, we may experience a significant shift in the months to come in philosophical and religious views. The education system may change and also foreign travel. We may get a greater need for more space but at the same time experience a loss of freedom due to too much control of others.

This solar eclipse is closely conjunct Mercury, the planet that rules communication and mind, siblings, people from our immediate surroundings and short trips, making these aspects of our life an important theme throughout this period. Our minds are likely to be more alert and curious than usual. A more confident and effective communication style makes this an excellent time for having consultations, debates and conversations. You have the motivation and urge to share views and beliefs you might otherwise keep to yourself.

Mercury is also combust, overpowered by the Sun’s energy, which could affect our rational and straightforward thinking. On a global level, information may not be fully exposed or available. On the other hand, Mercury’s square to mystical Neptune offers the potential for confusion and sensitivity to infection. 


Your desire for freedom, space and adventure is increased. Your personal beliefs and life philosophy may change. At the same time, you may get involved in some spiritual work or activities that will allow you to expand your interests and gain greater self-awareness. 


You might begin a deep relationship with another and get involved in healing or metaphysics. Furthermore, this solar eclipse may help you get out of places you feared you would never leave. If you feel like your life was on the wrong track, then this eclipse may help you to realign yourself with your best interests and move away from any blockages that stand in the way towards personal empowerment. 


At this time the issue of harmony and balance come into focus. You are prompted to turn your attention to your marriage. You might move from one relationship to the next. Any legal matters that begin at this South Node Solar Eclipse could last for a long time and may bring issues from the past back to the surface. The type of people you have been attracted to may also change, resulting in you letting go of some destructive friendships and welcoming new people into your life. 


Your employment, issues with co-workers and health are highlighted during this time. Pets might be a major concern or expense. You might be forced to deal with health-related issues and as a result, decide you want to develop a new health routine. This Solar Eclipse may stimulate you to move away from any obsessive or behavioural patterns and organise your life with clearly defined goals. 


You may see the romantic side of your life from a very different angle. Old romantic relationships from the past may come back into your life or you may change your interests and start a new hobby. Whatever the scenario this is a good time for following your heart and approaching life in a more carefree way. You may also decide you want to break away from old routines, outlived life patterns.


This Solar Eclipse brings issues related to personal boundaries and security needs. Your attention is likely to move on to developing a greater understanding of yourself so that you can connect to the world better. For this reason, your inner world fascinates you more now than your public life. You are now prompted to fulfil the needs of your inner safety and security as you want to be comfortable within your own home. A relocation to a new area is also possible at this time. 


With this Solar Eclipse, you put a strong focus on the communication and exchange of information. You are learning to be clear in how to communicate effectively with others. You may experience possible transportation issues and your siblings may go through change, or alternatively, you may have to deal with more paperwork than usual. 


Issues of finances and self-worth come into focus. If you are currently in a relationship, this eclipse could bring events related to your partner. Someone or something may motivate you to use your skills and talents to change how you earn money. You may also get in touch with your deepest values as feelings of self-worth might stimulate you to discover and understand your strengths and weaknesses.


This solar eclipse increases your need to look after your body and mind, possibly prompting you to implement a regular exercise regime into your daily life to help you reduce stress levels. You may also have a greater desire to free yourself of all commitments. By setting new goals that allow you to expand yourself you may reach a new point of self-awareness and self-direction. 


It might be a time of confusion as you may have to deal with matters that seem unclear or strange. Your sensitivity, empathy and intuition are increased and you may find that those in need are drawn to you due to your ability to put others at ease. As now you easily absorb negative energies from others, meditation, yoga or spending time in nature could be an excellent way for getting rid of excess energies. Especially if you feel drained or overwhelmed.


At this time, you may feel like nothing is beyond your reach. Focusing your energies on what you truly desire will attract positive experiences and opportunities with your goal-oriented attitude. Business networking events and group activities are also highlighted under the influence of this solar eclipse. You may feel like joining a new group or alternatively, you may leave a group. 


Your focus is on your goals, career and public image. Possible changes in career direction or a shift in your career role is possible now due to the pressure from the important person/people in your life. The company you work for may go through major changes. During this eclipse season, you are fully aware of your reputation and you want to do the right thing. Whether material or emotional, you strive for success, and you don’t want to waste any of your valuable time.

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