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Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Your Monthly Horoscope for February is HERE!

February begins with the New Moon in Aquarius 12° on the 1st. During this time, you may feel like the home responsibilities squash or overwhelm your individuality or restrict your ability to be free. This can result in your desire to seek or establish more emotional security and safety and improve your living conditions. However, at the same time, you may also feel the build-up of the Sun-Saturn conjunction, which will be exact on February 4th. Meeting the challenge of this house may feel great, but it’s just as likely that you’ll wonder what you’ve got yourself into. The leap of faith is exciting but risky and you don’t know if you’ll succeed. But avoiding the challenge would be worse. This is the perfect time to find out what you’re made of and gain insight into your real motives for success or power. You can face your fears of failure, loss, abandonment, and change, and overcome them to take your place in the world.

Although this transit often represents a peak of achievement in the outer world, it can also be a time when you reach a deeper understanding of yourself. You can achieve a lot now, but it won’t mean much if you’re not true to yourself in the process. Regardless of what happens in the outer world, this can be a time of real inner growth and increasing wholeness as you work on confronting your shadow and integrating the opposites within yourself.

Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus on February 8th,  You’re able to tap into your genius zone if Uranus hangs here. Ideas can be “way out” and inventive. Trust your gut and, if you get an innovative idea, act on it. This is a good time to study astrology and the occult. It’s also a positive time for lecturing, writing, and any type of electronic communication. If you’re in the media, your words hold power. Short trips will do you good – if you get an itch to travel (or need to go for biz), do it. Watch out for nervousness and restlessness. Also: you may be getting some ideas that might be highly impractical. That flying house? Perhaps it’s not as cool or practical as you think it is.

The full moon in Leo 27° on February 16thfalls in your sphere of professional life and public recognition. A full moon activating this area of your life can make you a little bit more popular than usual in your outer world. During this time true feelings may come out regarding your life mission and career direction. This full moon can help you to better understand what it is that you should be doing with your life and whether you are on the right track.

Also at the time of this full moon Venus and Mars will align in Capricorn. This house is the representation of siblings, journeys, communication skills, interests, hobbies, power, etc. The conjunction of Venus and Mars in this house has a favorable impact on the life of a person. The person with the combination is skilled in sculptures and is inclined towards entertainment, acting, and drama. They will be of a spiritual personality with strong beliefs and will be faithful and loyal. Additionally, they will be an avid traveler and will especially love traveling for pilgrimage.

Around February 25th when Mercury in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, This transit brings changes in the home or a desire for freedom from the family. You may move suddenly or renovate your home in a funky new decor. This is a good time for updating the technology in your crib (new computer – yay!) or for running an online business out of your home. Family could be unpredictable during this transit – or you may be the weird one who decides to go your own way. Untie the apron strings and do your thing. Just be careful that you don’t burn bridges out of impulse.