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Scorpio Horoscope April 2024

Scorpio Horoscope

This month the messenger planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aries 27° on April 1st until April 25th. When Mercury retrogrades in Aries, it can bring some challenges related to communication and decision-making. You may find that there are miscommunications or misunderstandings in your workplace or daily routines, which can cause delays or confusion. It’s important that you double-check your work and avoid making any big decisions during this time. Instead, focus on reviewing and revising your plans, and be open to new perspectives that may arise. Remember that this is a temporary phase and you can use it as an opportunity to reassess and refine your approach to work and health.

The hightlight of this month is a Solar Eclipse in Aries 19° on March 8th. This eclipse indicates a time of new beginnings and transformation in your daily routine, work environment, and health. It may bring opportunities to improve your job situation, start a new fitness regimen, or make positive changes to your daily habits. It’s important that you pay attention to your physical and emotional well-being during this time and take the neccessary steps to prioritize self-care.

This eclipse conjoins the asteroid Chiron bringing up feelings of vulnerability and emotional wounds, but it also offers an opportunity for transformation and growth. It’s important that you stay grounded during this time and approach any challenges with self-compassion and understanding. Keep in mind that this eclipse can be a powerful catalyst for positive change, so embrace it with an open mind and heart.

On the 20th of the month, Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in stable earth sign Taurus 21° bringing sudden and unexpected and opportunities in your relationships and partnerships. Jupiter is known for its expansion and good fortune, while Uranus represents innovation and sudden changes. This conjunction in the 7th house, which governs partnerships, could indicate a period of growth and excitement in your personal and professional relationships.

This could be an exciting time to take risks and pursue new opportunities, especially those that involve collaboration or partnerships. Try not to let the excitement of this conjunction cloud your judgment. Be open to new experiences and perspectives, but also be mindful of your own needs and boundaries. Overall, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus has the potential to bring positive changes and growth in your relationships, but it’s important that you approach these changes with mindfulness and intention.

The Scorpio Full Moon 4° on the 23rd of April is an intense time for your emotions, transformation, and self-discovery. You may feel a strong urge to look inward and confront any hidden emotions or desires that you may have been avoiding. Use this time to release any negative energy and embrace your true self. This full moon forms a tense connection with powerful Pluto in Aquarius, making it a potentially challenging time. During this time, you may feel a sense of tension or conflict, particularly in areas related to control, manipulation, or transformation. This transit can also be an opportunity for deep healing and growth, in the matters related to your personal identity and home life, so try to stay open to any lessons or insights that may come up.

Mercury ends its retrograde phase in Aries 15°/16° on April 25th. Mercury direct in Aries significantly impacts your work and daily routine. After Mercury stations direct, you may experience more clarity and productivity in your work, as well as improved communication with coworkers and colleagues. This is a good time to focus on organization, planning, and setting goals for your work and personal life.

  • March 19th 2024 pre shadow period begins Aries ♈️ 15°.
  • April 1st 2024 Mercury retrograde in Aries ♈️ 27° begins.
  • April 25th 2024 Mercury retrograde ends Aries ♈️ 15°; the post shadow period begins.
  • May 13th 2024 Mercury retrograde post shadow period ends Aries ♈️ 27°

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