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September 2021 New Moon in Virgo

The September New Moon falls at 14° of earth sign Virgo (strongest influence 6-7th), turning our attention onto health, diet, exercise and work with a greater tendency towards perfectionism. Since Virgo loves precision, you are likely to want to become better organised and more efficient in whatever that you do. With the Moon phase in the mutable sign Virgo you might want to improve your life for the better, redefine your daily routine that leads to a healthier lifestyle. You might become more detail-oriented and conscious of your daily schedule. Household routines become the focus.

This New Moon forms a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, and this can play out in a number of ways, like, for instance, you wanting to do something completely different from the usual routine. Alternatively, you might suddenly decide you want to implement changes in your personal life, or you might receive unexpected news or a suprise that will force you to change your plans. Whatever the scenario, since trine is considered one of the luckiest and harmonious aspects, this planetary combination may bring you some new opportunities.

The New Moon will also oppose Neptune in Pisces, and here with this alignment, you may experience a push and pull effect in a certain life scenario when you might have to find a middle ground in order for both possibilities to exist. 

Venus in Libra, the planet of art, beauty, and harmony, trine Jupiter in Aquarius, brings positivity and abundance, especially into the sphere of love, personal relationships and finances. This could be a time when you reap the rewards from past actions.

Finally, Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn gives a great surge of motivating and empowering energy, which may boost your self-confidence. This transit helps with assertiveness and courage, especially if you find yourself in situations when you want to impress someone positively.

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