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The August New Moon, 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal

The August New Moon falls at 16°13′ of fire sign Leo on the 8th of August, which also happens to be the day of the activation of the Lion’s Gate Portal. This famous portal always gets activated on the 8th day of the 8th month by the Sun in Leo and the brightest star in the sky, Sirius – the star connected to abundance, divine love and creativity.

When the portal opens up, the Earth receives lots of healing and loving energy from the universe, making it an excellent time for healing from any old wounds and difficult memories and create space for something new and fresh to emerge. Primarily since this year, the Lion’s Gate Portal activation occurs on the day of the New Moon. 

This New Moon is happening at 16 degrees of fixed sign Leo. During a moon phase in a fixed sign, we tend to be resistant to change, becoming more stubborn than usual. With a strong fire element at the time of this lunation, we are likely to find it easier to self-motivate ourselves to reach the most desired goals. Nevertheless, lack of air throughout this time can make it difficult to see the pros and cons of some issues logically. 

This New Moon applies to conjunct Mercury in Leo, making us follow our heart and instincts when speaking about feelings and emotions or making important decisions. On the other hand, with the square to Uranus, we might desire more personal freedom; however, at the same time, it may also seem like something might be standing in our way, obstructing our way to move forward. 

Mercury is within an 8-degree orb from the Sun, and in traditional astrology, it is said to be combust, overpowered by the intensity of the Sun. This can create a situation when you feel like you are not being heard. Still, perhaps there is a lesson that the universe wants you to learn connected to communication or relating more harmoniously to another. 

Venus, in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, may bring some confusion and a lack of clarity within personal relationships. At the same time, the trine to Pluto might crate additional intensity.

Overall, this new moon is beautiful for healing and manifesting something new, especially since it is happening on the same day as the Lion’s Gate portal activation.

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