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The Energies of January 2022

    The year 2022 begins with the New Moon in Capricorn (12 degrees) on January 2nd, the sign that stands for order, law, control, structure, tradition and authority figures. Capricorn is also a disciplined, responsible, and consistent sign, especially the mountain goat type. This suggests that we shall handle any challenges around this New Moon with a mature and responsible attitude. A new moon is a time of new beginnings; could this mean that a new order may come into play? When a New Moon occurs in a cardinal modality sign, this often indicates a time of action and initiation, rather than a time to wait for things to happen. Saturn, the ruler of this New Moon sextile Mars in Sagittarius, allows us to understand different aspects of life more objectively, especially if you have been overly emotionally invested in certain situations or relationships in your life. 

    Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces on January 11th can blur our understanding of what we really want. This, in turn, can create difficulty trusting in our ability to go after things we truly desire. You might have to go deeply within to discover and understand your true desires. 

    On January 14th, Mercury stations retrograde at 10 degrees of Aquarius until February 4th (pre-shadow period started on December 29th and post-shadow period ends on February 24th. While Mercury stays in retrograde motion, it is essential to remain flexible and mindful of your thoughts and actions. During this time, you may feel a bit confused and overwhelmed with ideas, making this an excellent opportunity for practising yoga, meditation, reading, spending time in nature and generally doing anything that helps you calm down your mind and express all your ideas and thoughts. Since Mercury Retrograde can cause disruptions with technology, take special care with your digital data. Back up all your valuable data, files and photos. Mercury also rules documents, proposals, tests and contracts, so read everything carefully before signing anything important. It is not the best time for starting anything new. It is, however, an excellent time to continue a project that began before Mercury turned retrograde. 

    For those who were born during Mercury retrograde, you may become more energetic, more alert or more productive during this time. However, you will still be affected by Mercury’s influence. Nevertheless, there could be some unexpected opportunities turning up for you, so stay alert and keep your eyes open.

    The Full Moon in emotional Cancer (27 degrees) on January 17th opposes the Sun-Pluto conjunction in the authoritarian sign Capricorn. The Sun and Pluto conjunction focuses on personal ambitions that are likely to be intensified at this time. If used correctly, this blend of energies can significantly change one’s life. The Moon on the other hand, in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, may prompt you to deal with profound and complex issues and possibly let go of situations or relationships that no longer belong in your life or perhaps that you no longer have control over and treat them as valuable lessons for the future. Furthermore, the Moon is void of course, meaning that patience could be the best way forward in order to get the best results instead of rushing for things to happen.

    On January 18th, the nodal axis change signs into Taurus Scorpio. With the North Node in Taurus, this will be connected to changes concerning the economy around the world, or perhaps about us collectively doing things that are beneficial for our growth and development. With the South Node in Scorpio, the sign that is exceptionally sensitive to bacteria it is essential to wash your fruits and vegetables in order to avoid bacteria contamination. 

    With Uranus, the planet of the sudden and unforeseen events stationing direct on January 18th at 10 degrees of Taurus, unexpected changes concerning alternative or new ways of handling and dealing with money may occur.

    Mercury retrograde on January 23rd conjunct the Sun in Aquarius might make many of us feel like we are not being heard on understood. Then, later in the month, when Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn on January 25th, it will conjunct Pluto on January 28th prompting us to re-evaluate past issues and at the same time help us determine how these issues or limitations connected to the area of life activated by Mercury rx and Pluto conjunction on January 23rd, can be overcome.

    Venus stations direct in Capricorn on January 29th, causing possible changes in the areas of relationships, values and finances. This is also when new and redefined social norms and regulations may come into life from this moment moving forward. 

    The month concludes with the Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus on January 30thmaking it difficult to control whatever happens in our lives around this time. The best way to deal with transit is to just go with the flow instead of preventing the circumstances from occurring.

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