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Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 08-15, 2021

This week begins with the Sun conjunct Neptune transit (exact on March 10th), increasing our consciousness, intuition, and understanding. During this time, we are likely to be more than usually affected by the thoughts and attitudes of others, and for this reason, it is a wonderful time to surround ourselves with positive people or experiences, as too much negativity can make us feel drained and miserable. 

A New Moon on March 13th falls at 23′ and 04” minutes of water sign Pisces, making us experience our emotions deeply and intensely. Sun in Pisces gives us greater imagination, causing us to feel more dreamy than usual, leaving the more disturbing realities fade into the background. This is a wonderful time for being creative, as many of us are likely to be filled with artistic inspirations around this time. Some of us mind feel more drawn to the mystical or spiritual side of life, mainly hobbies or studies that develop our intuition and understanding of life’s divine side.

There aren’t any planets in fire signs at the time of thin New Moon, indicating that it might take us a bit more effort to get motivated to accomplish our objectives. For some, it might also be challenging to deal with life’s everyday responsibilities and duties. 

With four planets in water signs (Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune), on the other hand, we are likely to be more caring and compassionate towards others. Out intuition should also be stronger. However, something to be aware of is a tendency to react without thinking things through first.

Mercury in Aquarius at the time of this lunation will help us see life from an intellectual perspective. Our logical mind outweighs our feelings every time, as we consider the world of emotions to be irrational.

The New Moon conjunct Venus makes us relaxed and gentle while enjoying the company of others. Some might be drawn to art, nature, or simply have a greater desire to be around beautiful objects, places, or plants. 

This New Moon is also separating from a conjunction with Neptune, suggesting that some people may feel overwhelmed by their feelings and need time to recharge. Under the influence of this transit, there is also a tendency to live in a fantasy world and find it difficult to deal with reality—the best way to cope with this transit is to do something artistic and creative.

The New Moon applying to Pluto by sextile gives us the emotional strength and power to create the life we truly desire, while Venus conjunct Neptune makes us desire more romance in our close relationships. 

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