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Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 15-21, 2021

    This week begins with Mercury moving into water sign Pisces, where it will remain until April 3rd. During this time, our communication style and thinking process are likely to be more emotional and imaginative. Our dreams may become more vivid than usual, and there is also a tendency with this transit to daydreaming. Mercury in Pisces helps us to understand better things we were unable to comprehend before. However, something to keep in mind under this transit’s influence is that it might be difficult for some of us to stick to our schedules. Miscommunication with others is possible, too; however, Mercury in Pisces can also be very beneficial, bringing plenty of positive experiences.

    On Tuesday 16th, Sun sextile Pluto transit can make us more confident about the future, significantly since our need for success is heightened at this time. Many of us are likely to feel more persistent and determined to accomplish our goals. This is also a good time for solving any mysteries as well as doing research studies. 

    On Thursday 18th, Venus sextile Pluto transit influences our love relationships deeper and more profoundly. Under the influence of this transit, there is a tendency to become obsessed with someone unable to get them out of our heads. Any new romance that starts at this time is likely to be intense and transformational in one way or another. An existing relationship, on the other hand, can grow to a more deep-felt or soul-like level. This is also relevant to any friendships or personal relationships that you may have. 

    Sun enters cardinal sign Aries on Saturday 20th, and this is also when the new astrological year begins. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and with this transition, many of us may feel more alive with a need to initiate something new. With the Sun in Aries, we generally feel more enthusiastic and spontaneous, making this an excellent time for starting new projects.

    Venus enters the fire sign Aries on March 21st, where it will remain until April 14th, making us more passionate and spontaneous, especially in love. Under this transit’s fiery influence, we become more direct and falling in love, at first sight, is not something unusual.  

    The week concludes with Mercury sextile Uranus (exact on March 21st), bringing more excitement and enthusiasm into our lives. Conversations during this time are likely to be more vivid, and some of us may even receive unexpected news or surprises. 

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