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New Moon in Aries, 11-12 April 2021

With the New Moon in Aries happening at 22 degrees and 24 minutes, there is a desire for change in order to move forward to find a greater purpose in life. The focus is on our identity and individuality, making it a good time for setting some long-term goals. Aries is also a cardinal sign, and Moon phases in cardinal signs are action-oriented when plans and projects are being initiated, pushing us forward. Something to keep in mind during this New Moon is to think before acting as often with Aries’ fiery energy there is a tendency for being impatient and making rushed decisions. 

This New Moon is in close proximity to planet Venus, highlighting our relationships personal values and finances. 

At the time of this New Moon, Venus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn, creating possible tensions in love relationships. The best way to deal with this energy is to avoid jealous or manipulative behaviour. Nevertheless, this transit is likely to affect toxic or unhealthy relationships primarily, while harmonious relationships might not even feel this transit’s effect.

The Moon sextile its dispositor Mars creates beneficial energy, empowering us to move forward with our goals and aspirations. We could become more energised, driven and courageous. This is an excellent time for collaborations and business partnerships, especially with the Moon and Venus conjunction.

The New Moon sextile Jupiter creates growth opportunities with a sense of freedom, while the square with Pluto can cause power struggles and possible emotional outbursts. However, fortunately, there is enough positive energy around this New Moon to help us outbalance the intensity of the plutonic profoundness.

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