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You Horoscope for the New Moon in Virgo 4° August 27th, 2022

As we approach this New Moon, Uranus turns retrograde on the 24th, a couple of days before, marking its midpoint in its five-month journey through the 18° Taurus. Those with prominent placements at 17° – 19° of the fixed signs have already felt Uranus’ influence for quite some time. Whatever changes Uranus has brought into your life, this will likely continue through mid-October. That’s when Saturn turns direct at 18° Aquarius, forcing you to make more concrete and solid decisions about what works for your future and what traditional path or life structure remains possible and oriented toward growth and development. 

The New Moon in Virgo at 4° on August 27 turns our attention onto our health, diet, exercise and work with a greater tendency towards perfectionism. Since Virgo loves precision, collectively, we want to become better organized and more efficient in whatever we do. Virgo is a mutable sign, and with the Moon phase in a mutable sign Virgo we may have a greater need and desire to improve our life and redefine our daily routine, which would lead to a healthier lifestyle. We might become more detail-oriented and conscious of our daily schedule throughout this time. Household routines may become the focus of our attention.

One of the most critical aspects of this New Moon is Mars and the New Moon square, which can push our buttons. Mars squares usually bring tension and conflict. Thankfully, Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, is in harmonious Libra, helping us to work things out, especially during uncomfortable converastions. Meanwhile, Venus forms a square to Uranus at the same time as well as an opposition to Saturn that won’t be exact until August 28. Personal needs and desires may have to be put aside to focus on what truly matters and is crucial for us. Since Mars is in Gemini during this time, you can expect verbal and written transactions to become more straightforward, bold, self-assertive, and wordy. S

Much can be accomplished during this time. However, something to keep in mind is to avoid taking rashed or impulsive actions without thinking things through!

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to improving your working or daily environment. It is an excellent time of year to establish a new lifestyle routine to ensure your health and wellbeing are harmony with your body and mental state. For some Pisceans this might be also a time when you either start looking for a new job, or begin a new and exciting project at your existing work. 

The Leo New Moon brings new beginnings in the spehere of conception, romance and entertainment. It is your time to shine, so don’t forget to find more time for the things that make you feel excited. Expand your wisdom and learn something new, discover a new hobby, and find new friends. Everyone has a passion in life, let this new moon guide you in the right direction.

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to your home sphere, making it a good time for carrying out home improvements, decluttering and redecorating. This New Moon might also shine a light on something you were unaware of before concerning your family dynamics. You may find that some aspects of your domestic situation are no longer satisfactory, resulting in you undertaking major home renovations.

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to news, short-distance travel, siblings and your life within the community. You might become popular around your neighbourhood, or perhaps changes in your local area could happen at this time. It’s also an excellent time for implementing something new into your everyday routine. On a different level, you might decide you want to learn a new skill or improve an existing one.

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to your finances, moveable possessions and resources; however, at this time, your personal values may also come into focus, and you may decide it is time to redefine them. Significant purchases are also possible at this time, possibly related to your children or the romantic partner in your life.

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to self, health and your life. This new moon acts as an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and for deciding where you want to go next in your life. This is an ideal time for setting new goals as these may help you to stay on track with your life and achieve your dreams, or at least some of them.

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to your private life, dreams, and past. Secrets and personal matters that have been forgotten or pushed aside might come to light now. You might have to face some issues that have kept you from reaching your goals. It is an excellent time to heal and reflect upon your past achievements and let go of all that stands in the way of your happiness. In addition, this New Moon brings full awareness to things you couldn’t see before. 

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to your hopes, wishes and friendships. During this time, you may gain recognition for something you did in the past, or alternatively you might experience a sense of belonging to a new group or a social circle. On a different level, it could also be a time of unexpected opportunities that come your way.

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to your life mission, stand in society and your achievements. You might be involved in a new project at work, welcome a new team member, or there could be management changes in the career sphere. Whatever the scenario, rest assured that this New Moon brings you closer to your dreams and goals. Gaining recognition in your professional life over something you do is emphasised now. Sometimes a New Moon in the 10th house may cause a change in status, meaning that you might get engaged or married. 

This New Moon brings new beginnings related to personal experiences, beliefs, foreign affairs and higher learning. During this time, you might be prompted to deal with matters that will help you expand your mind and your horizons while at the same time providing new opportunities. This New Moon is also an excellent time for reconnecting with your life aspirations and taking action to move forward in the right direction.

This New Moon acts as an opportunity for transforming the area of your life that has lost its spark. Transformation and regenaration are one of the themes in your life in the upcoming four weeks following this new moon. This New Moon also brings into light what you gain due to other people. n addition, someone that you know might go through unexpected life changes.

The Leo New Moon, brings new beginnings related to relationships, friendships, business partners, clients, and contractual agreements. There could be a new relationship story about to unfold around this time. You might sign a new contract or renew an existing agreement or a commitment. Additional issues might come into the light, including negotiations, lawsuits, and other legal documentation that’ll need signing and agreeing to.

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