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Home » How Jupiter’s ingress into Aries in May 2022 will Influence Your Zodiac Sign

How Jupiter’s ingress into Aries in May 2022 will Influence Your Zodiac Sign

Jupiter ingress Aries 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – On May 10th Jupiter is ingressing into Aries, where it stays until October 28th, at which point it returns to Pisces and then it returns to Aries on December 20th until May 23rd. Jupiter in Aries is very active and dynamic. Aries, great at getting things going, speeding things up and making progress, is the first sign of the zodiac ruled by Mars. Jupiter, the biggest of all the planets, is known for its ability to broaden our mindsets. Under the influence of Jupiter in independent and pioneering Aries, we are re-energized on a very personal level, able to move beyond our limits to realize the amount of opportunity available to us. Focused on ourselves as individuals, we become more eager to satisfy our need for happiness. Jupiter in Aries gets things done and initiates things. It is a good transit for abundance or gain from acting independently and being willing to just go for it.

How Jupiter’s ingress into Aries will Influence Your Zodiac Sign?


It is an exceptional transit for you! …

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