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Cancer Zodiac Sign Traits

Cancer Zodiac Sign Traits

With the Sun in Cancer, you are a sympathetic person who can depend on your feelings and intuition to get about in life. You are very tough, and holding good common sense, you are always very practical and sensible — loving and protective to all. Safety, home and family life are vital to you, although you also love to travel, as long as you feel you have a secure home base to return to. You also like cooking, growing things, and appreciate music.

Although you are very sensitive, you do not always project your emotions outside, and this can make you suffer from ulcers. The exciting thing is that you are unconsciously projecting what you are feeling in any case, and people around you are usually well aware of your emotional state without your realising it. You automatically tend to seek sympathy from those who are close to your heart, and you may find it challenging to be more independent emotionally.

On your path to personal growth, the biggest challenge for you is not to take things so personally or fall victim to your moods and emotions.

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