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Libra Zodiac Sign Traits

Libra Zodiac Sign Traits

If your natal Sun is in Libra, you are a true diplomat who gets satisfaction in creating peace and harmony. You enjoy social gatherings, having fun with friends and family.

You have a genuine spirit and a well-developed perception of aesthetics: travel is likely to be a source of many joys for you. Company is vital to you, as you do not like to be alone for long. Indeed, it is through close relationships that you find yourself, rather than alone. That is true in love as well as friendship. A genuine romantic at heart, you want above all to achieve a comfortable home living through a long-lasting and harmonious marriage.

On your path to personal growth, you must learn to develop a sense of value that does not rely on the reasonable opinion of others. You want to be liked by people, but because of that may have difficulty standing up for yourself not to get enemies or hurt anyone’s feelings. Indecisiveness could be another effect of this trait. The challenge lies in recognising that the source of the problem lies within yourself.

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