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Natal Moon in Cancer

    Natal Moon in Cancer

    The Moon is the largest celestial body visible in the night sky, shining with the reflected light of the Sun. Furthermore, it is a natural satellite of the Earth and needs about 28 days to go around it, making it the fastest blue body moving in the sky.

    The Moon as we see it from Earth changes every day. This rhythmic cycle is called the lunar phase. They are related to the rhythms of nature the tides and outflows of the oceans. That is how the weather is monitored and various natural phenomena. For this reason, the Moon symbolises what is variable and quick, something that fluctuates, appears and disappears. Just like emotions that are the expression of our internal reactions.

    In Astrology the Moon represents our Mother, our needs, our past, our feelings, our home and family environment and our mood.

    The Moon feels best in water signs, especially in romantic, caring and nurturing but also capricious and moody Cancer. With the Moon in Cancer, you rely on the acceptance and recognition of others. Deeply sensitive and emotional, with an exceptional memory, you are one of the fastest learners in the whole zodiac. Once you learn something, it stays in your mind for a long time if not forever. Still, you do not strive to become intellectually superior to others, but you do feel the need to be educated enough to escape negative judgment.

    To get through life, you rely more on your instinct rather than the thought. Without a doubt with the Moon placement in this sign, the heart overrules the mind. It is often hard for you to make a confident decision since rational thought is not your most potent ability. However, you do have a strong intuition and trust that is above and beyond even your own naturally distrusting and suspicious thoughts.

    Your heart is on your sleeve, but you spend significant amounts of time crafting a shell over it so that others can’t spot the vulnerability. How you are perceived is so vital that you may have a genuine fear of showing weakness. These changing moods can make it difficult for maintaining a relationship. That’s unfortunate, considering how much importance you put on family and the security of home. In a loving relationship, you are gentle and romantic, significantly protective over your castle.

    You give the utmost importance to anything that has to do with securing the home. You certainly do not appreciate anything that challenges the security of the domestic environment. Apart from that you dislike sudden change, risks or divergent opinions and treat them with apprehension. You enjoy holding on to things tightly. However, you should realise that they may not be around forever.

    Natal Moon in Cancer is a placement that can greatly influence a person’s emotional nature and sense of security. The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, and so this placement is said to be very comfortable and strong. With the Moon in Cancer, a person is likely to have a strong emotional connection to their family and home. They may be nurturing and caring, with a natural desire to take care of others. They may also have a strong sense of intuition and be very attuned to the emotions of others.

    However, this placement can also bring a tendency towards moodiness or emotional sensitivity. Those with natal Moon in Cancer may be prone to feeling easily hurt or overwhelmed by their emotions. It’s important for those with this placement to balance their emotional sensitivity with a sense of stability and security. They may also need to work on developing healthy boundaries and self-care practices, as they may be prone to taking on the emotions and problems of others.

    Overall, the natal Moon in Cancer is a powerful placement that can bring a sense of emotional depth and nurturing energy to a person’s life. It’s important to embrace this energy while also being mindful of the importance of self-care and emotional balance in maintaining healthy relationships and achieving long-term goals.