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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 18-24, 2022

    We begin the week under the influence of Mercury-Pluto opposition, which strongly intensifies mental energy.  Hidden issues or secrets can come to light now as our senses activate our intuition. This is a good transit for working on projects that require attention to detail and intense focus. 

    Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday 19th, where it will remain until Aug 2. Mercury in Leo gives a greater need to speak from the heart, loudly and clearly. It should not be surprising that communication becomes much more straightforward during this transit since fiery Leo is known for pure and vibrant self-expression. 

    Chiron stations retrograde in Aries on Jul 19, shifting our attention toward our internal wounds as we focus on what needs to heal.

    Also, on the same day (Tuesday), the Sun-Pluto opposition can make us more aware of the issues related to power and control. It may feel like other people or outside forces are trying to block or undermine you. It would be best to avoid making decisions and taking action until a couple of days later, when we can see things more clearly, with our ego out of the picture. On the positive side, this transit can facilitate an awareness of your issues around power and control and unconscious impulses and obsessions that drive you. Dealing with the outside pressure, you might discover inner resources you did not know you had.

    The Sun enters the playful and self-expressive fire sign Leo on Jul 22. The Sun in Leo is warm and vibrant. Confident Leo doesn’t hold back, so now would be a great time to go after what you truly desire- a relationship, a job, or a new project or adventure. Leo is strong, outgoing, and ambitious, and all this energy gives you an extra boost toward success.

    Mercury trine Jupiter on Saturday (Jul 23), brings optimism and balanced thinking. This is an excellent transit for any intellectual pursuits, business growth, legal matters and proposals. This lucky transit boosts our optimism and overall well-being. Any mental and intellectual pursuits are favoured throughout the day, although you might not have the motivation to solve complex problems today. 

    The week concludes under the influence of Venus square Jupiter. The square is an aspect that requires taking some effort. In this case, we may need to take tangible actions to acquire the things we truly want. We may not have enough resources for that, but it can motivate us to put in the needed efforts.

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