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Leo Zodiac Sign Traits

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits

With the Sun in Leo, you love to be the centre of attention. The spotlight is where you feel most at home displaying your dramatic talent, natural charm and enthusiasm. The downside is that you suffer from wounded pride when ignored or neglected. Nevertheless, the sadness you experience is likely to be temporary. Unless the wound is deep, any doubts you may have in your ability to succeed will be quickly dispelled by your natural optimism and self-confidence. It is this vital impulse and persistence that makes you a born leader and organiser.

You are serious and fair in your dealings with others. Once you have determined that a person is worthy of your trust, you are incredibly loyal in your friendships. You also make a romantic and generous lover. Because your standards are so high, however, you are likely to be disappointed when those closest to you fail to meet your expectations. Your partner is liable to feel the chill of your displeasure if they do something to lose your admiration or respect. Nursing a fierce pride, you do not forgive or forget easily, especially if the slight is personal.

On your path to personal growth, the greatest challenge for you is to let go of your particular view of the world and the way things should be. You need to learn how to trust others to do things that you feel can only be satisfactorily completed if you do it yourself. The key is to promote a more detached and impersonal approach, and then you will realise that your re greatest dreams can be accomplished through service to others and a kind, compassionate heart.

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