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Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits

With the Sun in Scorpio, you are passionate and strong-minded. Driven by powerful undercurrents of feeling, you present something of a mystery to pure, more straightforward souls. You could make a living out of discerning other’s hidden motives. Your curious mind and high concentration would make you an excellent detective or a researcher. Alternatively, you may be attracted to politics or any role that allows you to realise your purpose. You can be resentful, revengeful or sarcastic, caring little for the feelings of others where you feel your will has been stopped.

Although you make a terrifying enemy, you can also be a true friend and a caring and loving lover. Indeed, you may amaze your partner with sudden demonstrations of affection, the power of your emotions and your intense sensuality. You create deep passionate relationships, and once you fall in love, you will be entirely devoted to your love partner. However if for some reason your love companion lets you down, it will take a while until you forgive him.

On your way to your personal growth, the challenge is to let go of your more self-serving ambitions, especially where these bring you into conflict with others. Even though it may be hard for you to forgive and forget, you should try to let go and move on with your life without looking for any revenge.

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