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The Progressed Moon in the Signs

    The Progressed Moon’s Sign symbolises our overall mood. The House position of the progressed Moon shows areas of life where we focus our energy and your thinking. The progressed Moon shows us what our evolving emotional needs are. The location of the progressed Moon (by the house) reveals where our focus is at a given time in our life. The Progressed Moon triggers a reaction, awakens memories and awakens our potential – ‘activating’ any planet in any house it enters. Our Progressed Moon will be experienced in a certain way, channelled by the sign and house placement and any aspects it makes with other planets and points in our chart.

    Let’s take a look at Progressions through the Zodiac Signs.

    Progressed Moon in Aries

    With progressed Moon in this fiery sign, it is a good time for new beginnings, new projects and fresh starts. Furthermore, your motivation is higher, and you want to reinvent yourself in some way or another. You may feel an increase in energy and willingness to do different things and your life is busier than usual. That is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences.

    Progressed Moon in Taurus

    During this time you will put your energy focus into financial matters, setting yourself realistic goals and establishing a budget plan to increase your income. Working in the garden will seem very appealing and if you have any extra money, think about treating yourself to some new clothes and accessories.

    The keyword for this time is sensuality. Since Taurus is an earth sign, that is a great time to find a safe place which you will call home or a place where you can recharge your energy.

    Progressed Moon in Gemini

    You have a great need for mental stimulation and also a need for variety in your everyday life. Communication is the theme keyword for the time your progressed Moon travels through Gemini. That is an excellent time for learning something new like perhaps a new language, writing letters, blogging, socialising and making or developing new friendships.

    Progressed Moon in Cancer

    Family and home are the primary focus in your life now. You feel like you want to come in touch with your feelings and needs. That is a good time for making long term plans for the future, undergoing home renovations or buying a new house. Your imagination is very creative, so you may also feel like changing the furniture in your house or getting new paintings for your entrance hall or the lounge.

    Progressed Moon in Leo

    That is a passionate time, and you will often feel stronger than usual. If you are single, this is the time to go out and meet your soul mate. However, those of you who already have a love partner you may feel like this is the time to start thinking about having a baby. With progressed Moon in this fire sign, you will want to share and present your talents and abilities.

    Progressed Moon in Virgo

    That is an excellent time for self-improvement, in terms of introducing a healthier diet, improving work schedule and staying fit. Getting how to be and stay organised will also play a vital role during this period. You may find that people around you are more critical and sarcastic than usual. However, try not to take things too personally. During this time you may also need to do some volunteering work.

    Progressed Moon in Libra

    During the time that the Moon stays in this air sign, you will become more social, outgoing and gracious. Relationships with other people play a crucial role in your life at this time. During the conversations with people, you will be more diplomatic than usual. You may even have an increased need for having someone significant close to your heart.

    Progressed Moon in Scorpio

    You may become secretive and feel an urge for some excitement in your life. You will feel empowered and put your energy towards matters of intimacy and sexual needs. That is also an excellent time to take a bank loan. Since Scorpio is a very intense sign, you may have a desire for more profound experiences and stronger bonds with people who are close to your heart.

    Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

    You may need personal freedom, and you don’t want to be restricted by any boundaries. Intellectual growth and gaining new experiences is what you desire right now. The current routine might become boring and dull. You may decide to do something different that involves philosophy or spirituality. Something that will develop your mind and expand your imagination.

    Progressed Moon in Capricorn

    Your position is the society plays an important role now. You wish to put your energy into the professional aspect of your life and change or improve things that are not working anymore. You may feel like you want to set yourself new career goals work towards them. You also want to focus on your relationship with your parents.

    Progressed Moon in Aquarius

    It is an excellent time for engaging in group activities, friendships, being social and at the same time getting involved in networking to increase your income. Sometimes you may feel like you people do not understand you for your originality. However, you must be yourself to follow your destiny. Individuality will also play a vital role during the time the progressed Moon remains in this eccentric air.

    Progressed Moon in Pisces

    It is a time when you want to make a review of your life and let go of things of people that do not bring anything positive in your life. You may feel like you want to withdraw from the outside world and recharge in solitude depending on your personality. That can be a very emotional time, and often people get drawn into soul-searching to find emotional or spiritual peace.

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