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Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini June 2021

    The New Moon Solar Eclipse happening on June 10th falls at 19°47′ of air sign Gemini. This solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Russia, Greenland and Northern Canada and depending on the weather conditions, it could also be partially visible in Northern Asia, Europe and the United States. 

    A solar eclipse can only occur at the new Moon phase when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth and its shadows fall upon Earth’s surface. The North Node Solar Eclipse symbolises the beginning of significant life issues, which concern our individuality, personality, physical body, personal freedom. Generally, matters that require immediate action.

    With the Moon in Gemini, we have a basic need for mental stimulation. We become more curious and have more questions. This solar eclipse focuses on communication, learning, studying, our life within the community, and short-distance travel. The Dispositor of this solar eclipse is Mercury and Mercury is in retrograde motion at this time within very close proximity to this solar eclipse, making our thoughts and ideas strongly connected to our emotions and feelings.

    This solar eclipse is also loosely separating from a trine with Saturn in Aquarius, increasing our inner self-confidence, helping us focus on our lives’ foundations that require attention. Nevertheless, this eclipse may also create a certain degree of confusion (the Moon square Neptune in Pisces). If you feel like you are too caught up in your emotions try to release the excess of this mystical energy on doing something creative.

    With this Solar Eclipse squaring Vesta in Virgo, the asteroid whose primary energy is devotion and commitment, we may find it challenging to balance our daily routine and other emotional needs. The challenge here is to find the right and healthy balance between our daily responsibilities and our emotional wellbeing.

    Finally, this solar eclipse will also oppose the asteroid Juno placed in fire sign Sagittarius. Juno in our birth chart shows us where we can find the inner power. With Juno is Sagittarius opposite the Solar Eclipse our need for domestic comfort is highlighted as well as a greater need for harmony and nurturing. 

    Using the whole sign house system, these are the areas of your life that the Solar Eclipse in Gemini 2021 will influence: 

    Aries Ascendant/3rd house – Your Community & Short Distance Travel

    Taurus Ascendant/2nd house – Financial Security & Personal Values

    Gemini Ascendant/1st house – Your Individuality & Self-image

    Cancer Ascendant/12th house – Soul Searching & Inner Work

    Leo Ascendant/11th house – Friends, Groups & Networking

    Virgo Ascendant/10th house – Career & Status

    Libra Ascendant/9th house – Foreign Affairs & Life Direction

    Scorpio Ascendant /8th house – Transformation, Intimate Life & Joint Finances

    Sagittarius Ascendant/7th house – Love & Relationships

    Capricorn Ascendant/6th house – Work, Health & Everyday Life

    Aquarius Ascendant /5th house – Children, Creativity & Romance

    Pisces Ascendant/4th house – Inner Emotional Safety & Domestic Life