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Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, July 2021 – April 2022

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini starts on July 18th and ends on April 14th of 2022. The last time Black Moon Lilith stayed in Gemini was from September 2012 to June 2013. If you look back to that period in time and see what influenced you during that time and what was the main focus of your life, you can get a slight idea of what you may experience this time around.

Black Moon Lilith is a geometrical point or also often called an abstract that symbolises the central point of the Moon’s elliptical orbital path around the planet Earth found between the Earth and the Moon’s orbital apogee as seen from Earth.

Black Moon Lilith takes approximately 9 years to go around the zodiac, staying roughly 9 months in each sign. It is connected to strong emotions and intense feelings that, if out of balance, can lead to emotional outbursts, jealous behaviour or impulsiveness. Regardless of the intensity created by the BML, its ultimate goal is self-empowerment. 

If you were born at the time when the transiting BML was in the sign of Gemini, then at some point during the next 9 months you will go through your Black Moon Lilith Return. This suggests that you might be finishing some chapters in your life and at the same time you set yourself for a new life cycle. You might also become more aware and more conscious of your internal blockages and any issues that you may have been experiencing over the last few years, but didn’t have enough courage to face them.

To find out how this BML’s transit will influence you over the next nine months watch the video below.


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