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Gemini February 2022 Horoscope

Your Monthly Horoscope for February is HERE!

February begins with the New Moon in Aquarius 12° on the 1st of the month, turning your attention onto your life direction, higher learning and at the same time energising you to expand your wisdom and horizons. This New Moon brings new possibilities for you connected to foreign travel, higher education, law and publishing. Under the influence of this New Moon, you shall handle any challenges in your life with a mature and responsible attitude. However, at the same time, you may also feel the build-up of the Sun-Saturn conjunction, which will be exact on February 4th. This new moon is about getting to know yourself better. Self-knowledge is the basis for understanding yourself and making conscious decisions that help to shape your life the way you want. But you can’t know yourself unless you can think clearly and decide what’s valuable and what isn’t. Saturn helps you to see how your mind works and how you use the information to define yourself. It demands that you base your thinking on your actual experience rather than relying on conceptual ideas or the work of others. If you take the time to deepen your thought process, it will help you to build confidence in your intellect. Then rather than being externally influenced by the thoughts of others, you can learn to actually think for yourself and develop your own opinions.

Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus on February 8th can make life become somewhat unpredictable. This could lead to fluctuation around the sphere of finances. Be mindful about your spendings as any rushed or impulse purchases could result in financial disaster. This is a good time to pay off debts, for budgeting and financial planning.

The full moon in Leo 27° on February 16th, turns your attention onto your everyday life, routine, work and employment. An important document may arrive, or you might experience a sudden need to run an important task or alternatively a short trip could be the theme of this phase. While dealing with major life decisions 0r sorting out important paperwork don’t forget to find some time for more adventurous and fulfilling activities.

Also at the time of this full moon, Venus and Mars will align in earth sign Capricorn. This magnetic conjunction emphasizes your intimate life, urging you to bond with another on a deeper level. Increased desire for passion and affection might take your relationship to the next level. Other than that under the influence of these energies you might also gain financially through any investments like shares for instance. Whatever the scenario with Venus and Mars combination in your area of depth and transformation you seek deep experiences and you are not afraid to face any challenges that come your way.

Around February 25th when Mercury in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, you may be travelling to new and unusual places – or sudden alternatively opportunities to indulge in your wanderlust may be available. Travel may also involve foreign cultures or groups and organizations. One thing is for sure: you can go far now. So what’s holding you back? See the world! This transit is also ideal for exploring new philosophies or religions. Learn about other people’s beliefs and don’t be afraid to challenge your beliefs…or other people’s. Because of the 9th house’s connection to higher education, you may also want to consider going back to school.

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