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How the May 30 New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

gemini new moon 2022

The Gemini 9° New Moon on May 30th will be exact at 4.30 am PDT, and 11:30 am GMT.

There are numerous potentials, pathways, and options when the Moon is in Gemini. Gemini is related to our thinking process, communication, exchange of information, movements, restlessness,

Gemini signifies all forms of communication; newspapers, magazines, mail, speech, and all forms of transportation and travel by road, highway, railway, sea, or air. Mercury governs education and intellectual trends, schools, and media events.

Since the ruler of this New Moon is retrograde, it signifies that we can get a second chance at something that didn’t work out in the past or was out of reach. Mercury in Taurus, where the NN is also present, is about new experiences, new routines, and new habits. Earlier ideas that came into our minds should now be harnessed and acted upon. The Moon sextiles Mars and Jupiter at this time, motivates us and energises us to take action and to act upon our ideas.

Mercury trine Pluto benefits make us more passionate about starting new projects. Still, since Mercury is Rx, we will benefit from diving more profoundly into our motivations and expectations for any ideas we want to implement.

In good aspect to other planets, Mercury allows for the information to flow more freely. Pluto in mundane astrology signifies the mass psychology and power of the masses. It has to do with regeneration and transformation. If in favourable aspect to Mercury, it shows where improvements and better organisation can come about regarding education and transportation.
In addition, Pluto is generally known as the planet of power, control, death and transformation.

Discover how this New Moon will influence your life personally by watching the video below.

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