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Intro to Career Astrology I Oprah Winfrey Career Analysis


The three vocational houses are the second, the sixth and the tenth. By analysing the planets, signs on the cusps, and aspects, we can better understand what we will do for a living. 

The 10th house, also called the MC/Midheaven, is the highest point in a natal chart, located in a specific sign at the very top of the chart. It is ruled by Capricorn, Saturn and is an angular house. This is where we learn more about our career aims, the challenges we may have to face along the way, and our professional strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to master these can bring us enormous achievements.

The planets in the 10th house can also tell us more about our professional life, as well as our public image, our relationship with authority figures, and our reputation. For instance: with the Sun in this house one is an ambitious person with big goals, with the Moon one is emotionally involved in their career, and any career-related failures could result in distress and insecurity, with Mercury you need variety and change in your career, Venus, on the other hand, can make one fall in love with their job and as a result, this person can become a workaholic, Mars in the 10th house suggests that you are self-motivated and ambitious when it comes to your career. A person with Uranus in their career can change careers very often or unexpectedly throughout their life.

The 6th house in career astrology ruled by Virgo, Mercury, is cadent, and it rules our daily routine, our work environment, and the relationship we have with our co-workers. The 6th house reveals the sort of work environment we are most comfortable in, giving a hint as to what career you’ll enjoy. The 6th house is a house of service, in this case, work. To provide you with some examples: with Venus here one needs a work environment that’s peaceful and balanced to do their best work, Saturn here one can work to work and provide for themself or others, but not out of any joy, Pluto, on the other hand, makes one excellent at problem-solving, and often people with this placement prefer to work on their own

The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, Venus, and is a succedent house. It is the house that rules our income, values system, self-esteem, and self-worth. It is all about our talents possessions, money, and our attitudes towards wealth and our ability to obtain it. It can show our abilities to make money and be successful. The sign on the cusp and planets in this house reveal what profession could be most financially beneficial for us. This house also shows our overall relationship with money and how we feel about it. With the Moon here, how much money/possessions one has, has an impact on their emotional well-being, and it influences our feelings of security. Jupiter makes one lucky when it comes to accumulating wealth. In contrast, with Neptune here, money doesn’t mean as much to them as it does to everyone else. 

Oprah Winfrey Basic Career Analysis

Her Libra MC suggests that she seeks harmony and balance in the career, making social skills a valuable part of her career path. Saturn in the 10th house implies that she feared public performance in the initial phase of her life and approached it with caution. However, after early obstacles, she became a hard-working and respectable woman in her profession. 

Her natal Uranus square Midheaven indicates that she needed the freedom to express her own original ideas in her public life and at the same time contribute to society. Furthermore, she didn’t fear making sudden changes in her career as she enjoyed a change. Neptune, in her 10th house, shows that she yearned to be of service to others through her profession, however with some sacrifices that she had to make along the way.

Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp suggests that money and possessions were rather unpredictable in her life. With the Sun in the 2nd, she may have spent much of her time and energy earning money to build herself up in her life or buy possessions that helped her feel secure. Her natal Sun conjunct Venus make her a loving and charming individual, with the ability to express herself in a devoted manner. 

With Mercury in Aquarius, she is full of unique and original ideas, enjoying exchanging views, thoughts and opinions with groups of people. Mercury in the 2nd house suggests that she has many clever ideas for money-making, through the exchange or distribution of information. 

Moreover, her natal Mercury trine Jupiter, helps her easily see the big picture of any situation and the ability to talk to all kinds of people from different backgrounds while making them feel uplifted with her ideas.

Her Venus in Aquarius suggests that she likes being in group situations and unconventional and unusual relationships, as these give her the freedom to express her own individuality. Venus, in the 2nd house of income, suggests that she values beautiful possessions and is comfortable with money. Thanks to her sense of beauty, she knows how to attract things of value. 

With her Venus square Saturn, she may have found it difficult to be assertive in relationships due to the fear of confrontation and emotional disputes. As she grew older, she learnt to relate better to others. This gave her a solid foundation to form long-lasting relationships with others in her career circle. 

Gemini on the 6th house indicates that she may have a tendency to get bored easily with her daily routine and as a result finds it challenging to keep to a strict schedule working on several projects simultaneously. Her Jupiter in Gemini in the 6th house suggests that her work environment and relationships with co-workers take on great importance in her life. 

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