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Home » Jupiter Retrograde in Aries 2022: What it Means for Your Zodiac

Jupiter Retrograde in Aries 2022: What it Means for Your Zodiac

    On July 28th, Jupiter turns retrograde in fire sign Aries. Jupiter goes direct on November 23, 2022. This will be a four-month retrograde in total that could bring some significant changes to our lives. Jupiter retrograde transit reoccurs roughly every thirteen months. This is a time when we may have to deal with matters concerning personal growth and development. The area of life influenced by Jupiter retrograde will require more work and extra attention.

    You might become more competitive, wanting to be recognised for your accomplishments. Often under the influence of this retrograde, one may become highly independent.

    This retrograde may stimulate you to do soul searching through your own research/studies rather than seeking it through others. Your intuition is likely to be heightened at this time too.

    You may have a greater need for more versatile lifestyle experiences. Your attitude towards life is likely to be more open-minded. When cooperating with others (in group activities), you may choose/prefer to do things your own way.

    You might feel like you want to change your career direction. Alternatively, if you are currently undergoing career changes, you may question every career step you take.

    You may find it difficult to express your knowledge to others. You might experience an increased desire for freedom.

    You might have stronger sexual urges and an inner desire to form deeper connections with others. You might also become more secretive; however, with this in mind, you may experience an imbalance between the need to be open and the need to be secretive.

    During this time, you might see yourself through the eyes of others, with a greater need to gain the respect of the important people in your life.

    You might feel like dealing with many tasks simultaneously (multitasking) but find it more challenging to finish whatever your start. Your expectations of others might be higher during this time. However, keep in mind that sometimes the expectations can’t meet reality.

    There is a tendency with this transit to become overly emotional, often going back in thoughts into happy memories. Alternatively, this transit may also create situations when you may feel like the family members are standing in your way or blocking your life progress.

    Under the influence of this transit, you might become impersonal when interacting with others, preferring to listen rather than get involved in the conversations. Your mind might be restless at this time, and at times you may find it difficult to express yourself.

    During this time, you may want to re-establish or re-define your personal values and your sense of wealth/abundance.

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