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Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2024

Leo Horoscope

In May 2024, Leo, you may find yourself focusing on your creativity, self-expression, and romantic pursuits.

With transformative Pluto turning retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships on May 2nd until October 11th, you may feel a desire to reassess your closest relationships. This retrograde period can be a time of introspection and transformation in your intimate and professional partnerships. You may need to confront hidden power struggles or dynamics that may be affecting your relationships.  

The New Moon in Taurus on May 7th, can be a time of significant changes and opportunities for growth in your career and public image. This New Moon emphasizes the need to break free from old patterns and beliefs around your professional life and to explore new and innovative approaches to your career. You may feel a strong urge to embrace your individuality and to express yourself in new and unconventional ways in your work. This can be a time to seek out new opportunities and to take calculated risks in pursuing your career goals. 

As Venus moves into Gemini on May 23rd, you may feel extra diplomacy and delight in your professional life. This is a great time to connect with others and expand your network. You may also feel a desire to engage in creative pursuits and express yourself in new ways.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23rd will activate your sphere of creative self-expression, romance and children. The Full Moon sextile Pluto in Aquarius can signify a time of intense emotional transformation and creative expression. This alignment may bring about a powerful surge of energy that can help you tap into your deepest passions and desires. You may find yourself drawn to exploring your innermost thoughts and feelings, which could lead to a greater sense of clarity and purpose.

With abundant Jupiter moving into Gemini on May 25th until June 9th 2025, you’ll experience a lot of positive energy and expansion in your social and community connections. You may feel more curious and open-minded during this time, and may be inclined to explore new ideas and perspectives. This is a great time to engage in social activities, connect with others who share your interests, and expand your network.

Overall, May 2024 is a time of exploration and growth for you, Leo. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and trust in your instincts to guide you towards creative fulfillment and meaningful connections.

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