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Libra January 2022 Horoscope

Libra January 2022 Monthly Astrology Forecast

This month your domestic sphere is especially emphasised as well as your need for expressing yourself creatively while living a more carefree lifestyle.

The New Moon on January 2nd falls at 12 degrees of earth sign Capricorn. During this time, you may feel like the home responsibilities squash or overwhelm your individuality or restrict your ability to be free. This can result in your desire to seek or establish more emotional security and safety and improve your living conditions. 

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius begins on January 14th. During this retrograde, which will last until February 4th, you may experience occasional creative blockage, resulting in a temporary loss of confidence in your creative abilities. Under the influence of this retrograde, there is also often a tendency to compare yourself to others. To move away from the negative and limiting thoughts, try to do things that inspire you and stimulate the creative side of your psyche.

Full Moon in Cancer (27 degrees) on January 17th opposes the Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The Sun and Pluto conjunction intensifies your personal ambitions. The Moon, on the other hand, in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, may prompt you to deal with profound and complex issues and possibly let go of situations or relationships that no longer belong in your life. Furthermore, the Moon is void of course, meaning that patience could be the best way forward in order to get the best results instead of rushing for things to happen.

Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn on January 25th, and on January 28th, it will be conjunct with transformational Pluto. This retrograde may stimulate you to review your long-term decisions regarding your future financial security and stability. While reassessing your present living conditions, you may ask yourself whether you should fix the current home or move to another? If your present home doesn’t meet your expectations, you may decide that something needs to change when this retrograde is over in February.

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