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Pisces February 2022 Horoscope

1st New Moon in Aquarius 12th house

New Moon activates your Twelfth house of imagination, dreams, and your past. The New Moon will bring rise to something that’s been lying just beneath the surface. It could manifest in your dreams, a time of spirit communication or the signs could appear when you’re alone, resting, or just before you fall asleep or moments after you wake. Something that’s been taking you away from, instead of toward your dreams will begin to haunt you. Raising your awareness of bad habits, thinking, and memories that keep you stuck. As a way to free and liberate yourself from them.

  • Sun-Saturn conjunction 
  • Changing jobs or the way you work
  • Undergoing therapy or counselling
  • Improving your diet
  • Starting an exercise regime
  • Learning new skills

8th – Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus 11th/6th

Mars trine Uranus transit allows you to let your hair down and take a few risks. You will feel a strong urge to break free of any previous restrictions or boring routines. You will be presented with many unique opportunities to experience new activities, feelings, and relationships.

Your instincts will be strong and accurate, so taking extra risks at this time should pay off. Your need for freedom or a new type of self-expression will not result in major upheaval at it sometimes can. Other people are more likely to go along with the new you or be attracted to your new ideas or projects.

This is a good time to get new projects off the ground with a burst of daring energy. Although your fighting spirit and adrenaline will eventually fade, you can get new projects to a state where that initiative is no longer required. Your social circle could open up in exciting new ways. New and unusual people may show up in your world or you could get involved in humanitarian groups that help to broaden your view of the world. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to stand up and speak out, Uranus in Taurus is your green light to grab your megaphone and make a difference! Goals and wishes can be realized – especially through the help of friends and organizations. Old friends will be fading out of your life, creating space for a bigger, more diverse group of peers. This is also a good time for getting techy or studying astrology. Heck, why not invent a new astrology software program while you’re at it?  

16th Leo Full Moon 6th house

A Full Moon taking place in your 6th house can bring to the surface anything you have been neglecting at work or with regards to your health and well being. 

It’s often a time where we can now see the benefits to anything that we have been working towards, be this a work goal, a health and fitness goal, or a lifestyle habit. The perfect time to break a bad habit. A Full Moon here illuminates anything that you may be unaware of, like an underlying health issue, a fault in a project, work colleagues, the working environment, or perhaps something to do with a pet. Sometimes this can be an indicator of changes in the work that you do or the workplace itself; an employee could leave during this time. Our true feelings come up with regards to our work and everyday life, you might be upset, or unhappy with your working conditions it can bring up a strong desire to quit your job. It’s things that you weren’t aware of coming up with regards to the 6th house matters. If you have been applying for a new job, this could be a time that you get an offer.

16th Venus and Mars conjunction in the 11th house

This Venus-Mars conjunction is in the 11th house, so you’re going to be lucky in love Libra.

Francesca explained: “This is traditionally the luckiest sector of your chart so think big.

“Venus is your chart ruler and she’s in Leo so she’s supported by the passion and drive of Mars.

“Today is about thinking about what you want for your friends and the wider collective.

“Reflect back on the talent and beauty that you have that you can share with the world.

“When you use that and share it you can expand from there.

“Libra is always interested in relationships, and with your chart ruler meeting her eternal lover Mars, there is some zest, sparkle and magic in the air.

“If you’re looking for a deeper connection, this could be the time to state what you want.

“Let the universe know what you want because there’s more chance that you’ll get it.

“Mars is negating some of Venus’ sitting on the fence vibes and it’s saying get off the fence and say what you want.”

25th Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (12th/3rd)

Uranus transit in the 12th house: This transit stimulates the intuition and is also helpful for releasing old unconscious memories or habits. Letting go of the old, outworn becomes easier now or perhaps events may arise that give you the motivation to end something once and for all. Meditation may be appealing – and useful. Therapy too. Focusing inward will prove to be extremely beneficial. Take time to rest during this period. Do not push your self – or matters. A slower pace will do you good and keep you grounded. This transit also has a way of bringing private affairs out into the open. If you have something that you don’t want to be made public, you’ll need to be extra careful now. Also, this transit can indicate frenemies – friends who turn out to be secret enemies! Watch your back.