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Planets in Medical Astrology

Transit Jupiter in Astrology

Medical astrology is an ancient system that connects different body parts, human anatomy, and illnesses under the 12 astrological signs and the planets. In today’s post, we are going to explore each planet and its significance in medical astrology.

The Sun:

  • our vital force
  • allows our bodies to synthesize Vitamin D through our exposed skin. Vitamin D helps regulate Calcium usage and create strong bones for supporting the immune system. It is also linked to the prevention of some cancers and diabetes. 
  • Sun in the 2nd in Libra – doesn’t like to exercise
  • Aspects between Sun and Mars speed up metabolism
  • Sun/Mars people lose heat quickly and are often hungry
  • Sun/Saturn have a slower metabolism, hold heat well and burn fuel slowly (unless in fire)

The Moon

  • rules nutrition, digestion
  • feeding patterns and habits
  • emotional based disease
  • eating disorders
  • water retention
  • a tendency towards storage/security
  • an afflicted Moon can use food as emotional support
  • Moon/Mars holds anger (swallows it)
  • Moon/Jupiter or Venus – indulgent, lazy
  • Moon/Saturn – deprived, guilty
  • Moon/Uranus the abandoned, independent
  • Moon/Neptune – invisible, victim or rescuer
  • Moon/Pluto – dominated, invaded
  • Moon in Virgo – knows what to eat in the 12th house – hidden away, so that nobody sees her


  • rules hormones
  • if afflicted can cause wrong signals being sent
  • responsible for nervous system issues
  • transiting Mercury can facilitate healing – during this time it is often possible to make connections that hadn’t been made before


  • rules sweets and the 5 senses
  • the co-ruler of metabolism
  • doesn’t love exercise and hard work
  • transits to and from Venus can be a time to restore balance
  • related to blood sugar issues
  • Venus and Sun in the 2nd in Libra – don’t like to exercise
  • Venus/Mercury opposition Saturn (thyroid – slow)


  • governs sports and physical activity
  • rules the adrenal glands and the stress response
  • rules cortisol, which if too high can cause weight gain
  • Mars retro natally can cause issues of weight gain
  • transits to and from Mars can initiate action to our health


  • linked to fat and its storage
  • can promote growth
  • rules diabetes, obesity and liver disease
  • too much Jupiter energy- weight gain from poor dietry choices
  • be aware of Jupiter transiting 1st and 6th house
  • Transits can act as a signal of hope


  • rules bones, teeth
  • it is related to depression, things slowing down, delays, blockages
  • vomiting (linked to bulimia)
  • weight loss (especially when connected to the Sun or the ruler of the 1st house)
  • Saturn transits can be a great time for a new health regime
  • transiting 1st and 6th can be great for weight loss
  • Saturn in the 6th – teeth problems
  • Saturn in the 1st transit – new regime/new routine


  • can cause hormones to be out of balance
  • can cause sudden health related issues
  • can be involved with eating disorders
  • Uranus transits can bring change to habits, lifestyle, though not always of your choosing.
  • can cause allergic reactions


  • over-eating/over-indulgence (no boundaries)
  • misdiagnosis (often when placed in the 6th house)
  • can cause addiction to drugs/alcohol
  • linked to eating disorders/OCD
  • hidden eating/emotional issues


  • linked to genetics/inherited issues and DNA
  • responsible for hormone regulation
  • transits to and from Pluto can bring to the surface what is hidden and needs to be expelled both physically and psychologically.
  • Pluto transits can be a great way for a total transformation

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